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Jah Prayzah vs Professor

by Staff reporter
13 Apr 2018 at 07:05hrs | Views
They are both doing good music and have a massive following in Bulawayo and no one can take that away from either Zimbabwe's finest musician Mukudzeyi "Jah Prayzah" Mukombe or South African Kwaito kingpin Mkhonzeni "Professor" Langa.

In an unbelievable but true scenario, the two artistes are trapped in a "fans tug of war" as they are both billed for two separate shows in the City of Kings and Queens with Jah Prayzah gracing a gig at Hartsfield Tshisa Nyama while Professor will be performing at the Large City Hall Car Park on the same date, April 28.

Both shows are a shutdown party for the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) exhibition.

As Bulawayo last saw Jah Prayzah in action about a year ago, his comeback to the city will be a must attend show to most people who haven't seen the slim dreadlocked chanter performing his Kutonga Kwaro album live.

Professor, who has adopted Bulawayo as his second home, is a darling to many locals especially those coming from the Western suburbs as they can relate to the Jezebel hit-maker's street wise Ghetto lingo vested in most of his compositions.

As delegates and Bulawayo citizens attending the ZITF showcase that runs from 24-28 April would be spoiled for choice in terms of entertainment, the crowds have to be divided as both shows are big enough to shut down the exhibition.

Which show will be attended by most people on the day?

There are many factors which can contribute to who will attend which show between the two.

The concern of the venue and security is the most vital aspect which will determine which show is best to attend.

Hartsfield Tshisa Nyama has been renovated to accommodate such big shows like hosting Jah Prayzah and there is a lot of space to accommodate everyone who belongs to any class in the society including car parking space.

With the Jah Prayzah show coming as a combined effort among organisers who include Hartsfield Shisa Nyama, 2 Kings and 3D Events, Dee Nosh who represents the coalition revealed they chose a strategic venue to accommodate everyone.

"We chose Hartsfield because it's central and it can accommodate the number of the audience we are targeting which includes business people who will be in the city for the ZITF," said Dee Nosh.

As Professor will be performing alongside South African muso Dr Malinga at the Large City Hall Car Park, the show might attract a reasonable audience only if the security is tightened to illegal entry to the venue, something that affected many shows at the venue in the past.

Bongani Mutsau of Nqoba Entertainment, the organisers of the show said: "We are ready to make sure we correct previous mistakes considered by other promoters, people must come in their numbers to see Professor, Malinga and other local artistes on stage," he said.

Le us hope those who attend the Jah Prayzah show will have equal fun to those who will grace Professor's gig.

Source - bmetro