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New Plumtree kid on the block drops 'maMoyo'

by Entertainment Reporter
23 Apr 2018 at 13:23hrs | Views
JOHANNESBURG - Zimbabwean rhumba music - made popular and put on the national and regional scale mainly by artists from Plumtree and Tsholotsho, has a new kid on the block.

Sibongakonke Fanas Ndebele has come up with a new twist to the beat, which promises to appeal more with the youth. His debut single track, Mamoyo, has already reverberated with success in a number of platforms, which should be a harbinger of a blossoming solo career for the man who has been a dancer for some years.

"I have been in this industry for some time, although I am widely known for strutting my dancing stuff with the likes of Tsheba Boys, Mxolisi Mr Bones and Matabeleland Young Brothers," said the Plumtree-born Fanas, during a recent interview with Bulawayo24 News.

Although he has always harboured plans to compliment his dancing skills with his rich voice by pursuing a career as a solo artist, it was only late last year that he mastered enough courage to record his recently-released single.

"You may have the talent, but you do not wake up one day and just go to the studio to record. Music is now an industry and when you decide to join it, you need to have a back-up plan to make a lasting impression in it. That is what took me so long to ponder before I could record Mamoyo, a track which has gone on to launch me onto the music scene."

He promised to continue to churn out single hits till 2020, when he intends to release his debut album.

"Plans may change, but for now, the idea is to keep releasing singles and videos that will help introduce me to the public. When I finally release a full album, I must be already well-known to the fans to ensure success. I want stay longer and be successful in this business," said the man who hails from Plumtree's Nzilo area.

His nascent musical group goes by the stage name Fanas and Partners, with the signature slogan, Tshetshiii! Ngena, Azilumi!

Source - Byo24News

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