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Nyasha Bonde: The birth of a Mbira songstress

by Richard Mugobo
18 May 2018 at 09:24hrs | Views
For so long mbira lovers have been waiting for the arrival of a captivating artist who can replace the void left by sensational mbira legend Chiwoniso Maraire.Well, those prayers have been answered. Behold the the birth of a 23-year-old mbira music goddess, Nyasha Bonde.

Nyasha Bonde's freshly released single track Zviuya zviri mberi, offers a refreshing taste for thirsty mbira lovers who have been eagerly waiting for a captivating sound in mbira music circles.The freshness of her music points to a young,energetic unbridled talent ready to burst onto the local and international music scene.
She has released a masterpiece video shot by Anger Managers.The video itself is a creative work of art ,whose ethnic setting and theme resonates well with the artist's chosen genre.Structured around an Afrocentric theme,the video's crispy clear quality is a promise of more exciting works to come.

The song itself is a spirit filled rendition of the artist's musical journey, imbued with a sense of adventure and resolve.Nyasha Bonde's voice is smooth and flawless whilst remaining deep and powerful.Zviuya zviri mberi is an exciting fusion of the traditional mbira and modern instruments , creating a soulful blend, rich in melody and aesthetic value.The song is pregnant with messages of resolve and hope against seemingly insurmountable odds.

Zviuya zviri mberi is a soothing and melodic composition that captures the artist's resolve as she embarks on a journey into the unknown.The song is bound to resonate well with the life of any ordinary person aiming to break the ceiling and wade through unchartered terittory.

For Nyasha Bonde, music is a passionate expression of personal and spiritual experiences.Through her music , she brings her everyday experiences into life.Nyasha Bonde studied Sociology at UZ but decided to actively pursue music. She describes her genre as traditional jazz.Her music choice, specifically to sing whilst playing Mbira Yavadzimu, is more than a passion.Its a calling.

She released the song Zviuya zviri mberi as an introduction and is now back in the studio,working on more songs which will be released in June.The response to her debut offering has been good with the song Zviuya zviri mberi fascinating mbira lovers because it is uniqueness.

Whilst she has not had any collaborations , there are plans for future projects with already established artists."I want to discover myself first and my capabilities before I start working with other artists," she says.She hopes to work with Stella Chiweshe ,Hope Masike and many other renowned mbira players.

Her music is available and can easily be accessed from Sound Cloud, YouTube and from her Facebook Page.

Source - Richard Mugobo