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Gemma Griffiths charms Zimbabwe

by Staff reporter
24 Feb 2019 at 06:54hrs | Views
Music lovers across the country are head over heels with soul singer Gemma Griffiths following the release of Winky D's record breaking hit video titled MuGarden on Valentine's Day in which she features.

While some revel at her proficiency in the Shona language, others have mistaken her for Arts minister Kirsty Coventry — imajeni — but ultimately she is the nation's current "Woman Crush Everyday" (WCE) and rightfully so.

"Hey guys, I just want to send the biggest thank you. This week has been absolutely incredible, I have been blown away by the response to the MuGarden video and I am really feeling the love…" she said in an Instagram video post during the week.

The collaboration has been a reintroduction into the local music scene for Griffiths who had until now been known by a significant section of music followers for cover versions particularly that of Winky D's yesteryear hit Musarova Bigman.

The multi-talented pianist, who is currently on tour in Tanzania, also took time to applaud the dancehall muso.

"I absolutely loved every second of bringing this to life, next to such an outstanding artiste," she said.

The video detailing a Zimbabwean twist to the Adam and Eve love story has endeared the songstress to the people not only because she does not give "Adam" the forbidden fruit or make serpents look cool, but for her unique voice.

As we count the views and wait for history to be made when the video hits one million views in less than two weeks, Griffiths has given her fans the green light to continue with the funny #MuGardenChallenge.

"I have loved the MuGarden challenge you guys have been doing, it's been super awesome to watch so keep that going and tag me in the videos…I am going to share my favourites," she said.

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