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Bulilima boy defies all odds as he becomes one of the best upcoming Hip Hop Artist in South Africa

by Fanuel Chinowaita
15 Mar 2021 at 07:49hrs | Views
The Zimbabwean-born artist Wise Ngwenya AKA King Durrie defies all odds as he managed to drop 7 tracks and 1 music video of South African hip hop.

Following his impressive work of years as a budding hip-hop artist, King Durie was once nominated for the best upcoming artist award at the Live Your Dream SA awards that took place in the Durban ICC, in November last year.

King Durrie is a 25-year-old Zimbabwean artist who started singing in 2015 but started recording in 2018.

Speaking to King Durrie he said, "I started singing in 2015 but failed to record proper songs up until 2018 when i recorded my First single track,  'Dream On' then, later on, I recorded 'Levels' in November 2019.

"Now I have 7 tracks in total and 1 music video dropped on the first week of January this year which include Dream On (ft Yelani), Levels, Sesikbone Konke, Friendship, Sengkhathele, Into You (ft Black Queen) and Ekasi."

He went on explaining the meanings and the reasons why he released his songs.

"Starting from Track 1 Dream On, On dream on I was talking about following my dream of doing music, on Levels it was a way of thanking my fans for the support that I got from my first single track, sesikbone konke was replying a 'diss' track from one of my rivals but I didn't reply with a 'diss', I told them that I know all those things so I don't have time for enemies,  track 5 was a flexy track about spending money on unnecessary things, if you listen to its talking about being broke stressed on monthend when the landlord demands his money for rent, and on track 7 ekasi is about City life hustle", he explained.

King Durrie said that the music industry is not easy especially when you are not financially stable. He said he ventured into other businesses to raise his money until he established his own company that its company that promotes other upcoming musicians on music marketing and distribution.

"In  December 2020 I ventured into SA Taxi Industry. I became a driver, it wasn't a permanent job but it was just fundraising to boost my career and popularity because on taxis we meet different people every day.

"In 2021 I established 'The Grind Entertainment", its company that deals with upcoming musicians on music marketing and distribution which is in Diepsloot."

Meanwhile, King Durrie advises other upcoming artists to keep on pushing but not relying on music only.

"I would like to advise other upcoming artists to be strong and keep on pushing but not only in music because music needs money, we invest in music.

"Besides music, I am also a Businessman. I own Durrie Investment Internet Cafe", he added.

Wise Ngwenya comes from Mabhulana Village, Plumtree, Bulilima District. He went to Zuzaphi Primary School and Siyaphambili Secondary School.

Source - Fanuel Chinowaita