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WATCH: Holy Ten opens up on Winky D beef

by Mandla Ndlovu
08 Feb 2023 at 08:11hrs | Views
The 24-year-old Harare rapper, songwriter, and producer Holy Ten (real name Mukudzei Chitsama) has for the first time opened up about the controversy surrounding his collaboration with award winning artist Winky D on a song titled Ibotso which is in the Eureka Eureka album.

Chitsama who was speaking on interview with Darryl Nyamz of The Episode podcast said, "I am big fan of Winky D, Thank you for the love that you have shown us."

When asked by Nyamz why he apologized over the controversial collabo, Chitsama denied apologizing and said his expression when he said he regrets being part of Winky D's collaboration did not mean he was apologizing.

Nyamz quizzed the Pandichamuka hitmaker if he felt the collaboration was a setup, and Chitsama said, "It can't have been a set up because at the end of the day even the snake didn't force the apple on Eve's mouth she was involved. I am Eve in this scenario.  That man is a snake longer than his dreadlocks.

"I would have never done a song with Winky G. You see these people that have been committed suicide its not far from home. We are legally bound not to say something."

Watch the full interview below:

Commenting on Chitsama's remarks from his base in Zambia award winning poet Protest Poet said, "I have a problem with a paid voice, or a hired voice, maybe I say hotspotted anger. One can tell from Holy's tone that he is being economical with the truth because for a fact, Winky helped his ailing career.

"How did he record, go on to perform and call Winky a snake? If he surely studied law (though he is a drop out), he must understand the importance of text in contracts. The young man is being paid by Zanu through Passion Java to push Winky to comment which is what his paymaster failed. Winky is a doyen, I don't expect him to respond, he mustn't actually. Holy is just a mouse envying the roar of a lion. His team, his girlfriend and his mother must tell him to shut up and do better music."

Source - Byo24News