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I was born a musician: interview with Vusa Mkhaya

by Moyo Roy
26 Apr 2011 at 12:27hrs | Views
In a bid to promote Zimbabwean, artists Bulawayo24 caught up with Vusa Mkhaya who is currently based in the Vienna, Austria. Mkhaya is not just a singer but a producer as well, this is what he had to say:

 Who is Vusa Mkhaya the Man and also the musician?

Vusa Mkhaya is a Singer/Songwriter/Performer and music Label owner born in Bulawayo Zimbabwe on the 19th of October 1974. He is part of the award winning Imbube trio INSINGIZI. He studied music theory and Accordion at the Johan Fuchs Music Conservatorium in Graz Austria for 3 years

Where are you based?

I am currently based in Vienna, Austria but I travel frequently to Zimbabwe.

Do you have a group or you are a solo artist?

My Band is a quartet. Four musicians from four different countries who share the same vision and music interest… The musicians are Pascal Lopongo from DRC (Acoustic Guitar) , Stephan Maass from Germany (Percussion) Roland Guggenbichler from Austria (Piano)

How is it important for you to occasionally go solo?

It is important to occasionally go solo because it is healthy for my artistic freedom.

What genre of music do you consider your work to be?

I don't like putting labels on music I just do music. Labeling music if for music critics and the so called music experts they can call it what ever they want to call it, but it is all music to me.

Who are your major influences?

My major influences are my late grandmother, and all the musicians that came before us and continue to do good LIVE music

What inspired you to be a musician?

I was born a musician because I have been singing ever since I was a kid.

Do you do live shows?

Yes we perform live shows, No playback, No CDs, no DJ sets on stage we do everything live

How many albums including singles have your released so far?

I have released one Album so far as a solo artist and six albums with INSINGIZI. I am working on my next one that will be released sometime in July this year

Which album/song would you say is your most favourite?

I consider myself a music junkie and I listen to a lot of music. My music taste changes everyday there for I don't have a song or album I consider my most favorite . At the them moment I am enjoying listening to Peter Gabriel´s Album Scratch my Back and Salif Keita´s La Difference

From The Spirit of Ubuntu, why "For my Father", is it not too old for this current time?

I did the song "For my Father" because I have a lot of respect and admiration for him. He is not a great singer but He always sang for us when we were growing up when He was in good mood. I grew up listening to those melodies from him and I thought by recording them it would be a great way to honor him and thank him for all he taught me and all the values He instilled in me and my siblings when we were growing up.

Out of all your performances which one do you consider the best ever?

I always give my best in all the performance. I would say the concert we did in Zanzibar in February this year was one of the best

Which songs do you perform most frequently?

I perform all the songs from my CD and some yet to be recorded songs.

What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs?

The main themes of most of my songs are, respect, tolerance, forgiveness, hope, friendship, Ubuntu, Cultural values and customs, appreciation of self.

Do you think these topics will change over time?

I don't think these topics will ever change because this is what most of our young brother and sisters need to learn these days

Do you write all your songs?

Yes I write all the lyrics and compose the music as well.

What has been your biggest challenge as a musician?

The biggest challenges so far have been to find the right Record companies that wanted to work with us without wanting to change our style or end up owning our music rights.

How do you think these challenges can be overcome?

By creating your own record label, publish your own music, and the owners of your copyrights. Be independent. This is what I have done and I am happy that my Label Mkhaya Music Production is going on the right direction.

Are you seeking fame and fortune?

I am seeking to entertain and educate. I am happy that my passion and hobby is my "daily job" and I am thankful and grateful for the life I live .

Apart from singing what else do you do as an artist?

I write songs, produce, publish and license music

How can fans-to-be gain access to your music?

Fans to be can gain access to our music by buying it in reliable music stores in Europe and also on Itunes, Amazon. They can also check our dates on the our website for the upcoming concerts.

Are working on any project at present, if yes what is the project all about?

I am working on my next CD project that I call Vocalism. As the name says, it is a vocal CD featuring friends and music colleagues that I have worked with over the years. I am featuring singers from Austria, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Hungary, Romania, South Africa & USA. On this project I am celebrating the VOICE because I think it is the best instrument ever..!

Source - Byo24News