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Young Bulawayo DJ Takes Johannesburg nite life by storm

by Entertainment Reporter
09 May 2014 at 23:17hrs | Views

If you thought ace South African based Disc Jockey Oscar Mdlongwa aka Oskido was the best and the last big time entertainer to rock Johannesburg from Bulawayo then wait a moment.

Bulawayo born and bred new kid on the decks DJ Sticha, the Mix King is slowly taking the Johannesburg music scenes by storm. Born Keith Gift Phakathi in Bulawayo started his music career in his high school days at Msitheli High School in Mpopoma where he would ask DJs invited at school gigs to give him a chance to show case his skills on the decks. In the process the young man would end up stealing the show from the more fencied DJs mesmerising his school mates with his rare skills.

After High School, the Mix King, inspired by Oskido decided to also take the long trek down south to Johannesburg where he wanted to make his break through in music production and disc jocking. He took his long trip to the City of Gold, Johannesburg in 2006 where he would visit different night spots in the crime ridded night life of Hillbrow asking club DJs to give him a try on their decks.

"I went around clubs in Hillbrow trying to make my mark but in most cases I was told that I was too young and worse some would say as a Zimbabwean I was never going to make it," said Phakathi.

After several attempts at times being lucky to be given a few afternoon shows at some clubs, the defiant young DJ, got his break through in 2010 when he was given a chance to audition at the popular Ambassador Hotel Nite Club in the heart of Johannesburg. That was the night that produced what is certainly bound to be ZImbabwe and Bulawayo"s next Oskido. Since that night the Mix King is the toast of major night spots in and around Johannesburg drawing huge interests from ravellers from all over Johannesburg.

Following his break through in club DJing, Phakathi aka MIx King, teamed up with a couple of friends to try and venture into music production. They formed a small group which would mix different kinds of music and play at the night spots where he would have been hired for the night. Group musical performances did not quite appeal to the young DJ who felt that his skill was purely on the decks decided to go it sole and started his own production and recording studio BackDoor Productionz based in Hillbrow in March 2012.

Under the BackDoor Productionz banner, The Mix King has managed to work with young and up coming artists from his home Bulawayo producing a number of smash hits that are leaving many club goers in Johannesburg asking who the artists are.

"So far we have produced solo hits from members of the popular Bulawayo based Hip Hop Kwaito group Gangstaz plus other groups and we are in the process of finalising their productions for the market. Their music has been instant hits in all Johannesburg nite spots leaving a lot of people asking us when the music will be recorded and made available on CD. These calls are pushing us to produce the albums quickly," said the soft spoken DJ. "At the moment all our music is available online and is doing extremely well forcing a number of enquiries from prominent music producers who are eager to work with us."

Phakathi however lamented at lack of exposure and marketing of their productions back home in Zimbabwe saying that it takes an extra ordinary effort for foreign musicians to make the grade in South Africa. "First they wont play our music in South African Radio station knowing that we are Zimbabweans. We end up having to lie and pretend to be South Africans or twin up with unscrupulous South Africans who end up stealing our music for the songs to get air play."

The Mix King promised ZImbabwean fans of a Christmas to remember as they are going to release BackDoor Productionz' debut album in time for christmas. Meanwhile, the producer says he is in serious talks with a number of Bulawayo based clubs and DJs for a tour of Bulawayo where he will come and introduce his productions and skills to his home town before the launch of the CD.

Asked for a comment a prominent Bulawayo music producer also lamented at the huge loss of Zimbabwean talent to South Africa while the local scene needs the talent here. "A lot of young and up coming Zimbabwean artists across all sectors are jammed in South Africa wasting away their massive talent while the local entertainment industry suffers and plays second fiddle to South Africa's over tapped arts industry" he said. "You will be surprised at the number of artists even sports persons who are calling themselves South Africans while we know them to be Zimbabweans or children of Zimbabweans in South Africa," he added.

Source - Byo24News