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Miracle girl born to sing

by Mkhululi Chimoio
23 Jun 2014 at 15:26hrs | Views

JOHANNESBURG - While she was seven years old, Patience 'Peshy' Ndlovu was involved in a critical accident which left her in a coma for two weeks. But this doesn't stop her from doing what she knows best, which is singing.

She is one of the fast rising stars of the country's Afro-pop and Jazz music, and has successfully worked with prominent musicians like Khuxman, PO'zee, Skhu, backed South African Splash vocalist Bongile, and also works with DJ Stitcha.

She also performed alongside crowd pullers like Rocqui, Sandra Ndebele and the late Beater Mangete. But Peshy believes it is only now that she is beginning to realise she has a role to change societies for the better through her inspiring voice, after successfully working on her solo debut project titled 'Brown shades/Ngiyazifela ngawe'.

"My single encourages the community to always unite, respect, love and embrace one another in difficult times," said Peshy.

"It's not always easy in the music industry, but with patience, hard work, zeal and talent you will never go wrong. I have been learning from various talented artists since I was a teenager, and this has resulted in a single which I recently released. I am very grateful as this song is already enjoying a lot of online downloading on social networks. I believe the love and unity messages in the single are propelling people to flood this song. I am very much convinced that my music will change communities for the better, as unity and love is what is needed these days. I also hope it will enjoy airplay in various radio stations across the country and region, as it also appeals to international markets."

Peshy also says the going was very tough at the beginning, and explains that she got into music because of her grandmother who kept "telling me you have a great voice, can you take it into the outside world."

"Every time I sang in church old women would cry, and I believe there is something in my voice that I was not aware of. Those women gave me courage to keep on singing and this is where I am today."

Training And she seems to be revelling in music's popularity. "I always get invites from various entertainment places to perform around Johannesburg. I perform at Art Café in Yeoville, and I realise my career is coming alright as I always have multitudes of Africans asking for more. To me these club performances are more of training sessions, which will take me up the ladder as I am aiming at flying our country's flag at international level," she said, also mentioning Patricia Majalisa, the South African Queen of Splash as behind polishing her career. "I also listen to the music of the late Afro-pop queen Brenda Fassie, who I believe left a big void which no one will ever fill. Her music mentors me a lot."

Business Peshy recently started her own business in Johannesburg; after realizing that she could manage without depending on anyone, and give time to her music career.

"I always harboured business interest as I believe in total independence in life. I started an interior décor company called Peshy's Home Linen, focusing on bedding, clothing labels and curtains. I am targeting a number of top-ranking personalities and government officials from across SADC region because my material can compete at international level. I am the best in the region and no one can conquer me as I am talented. I have realised that working fulltime affects my music career, so a business backup will help bring more direction to my music career," said Peshy.

Big dreams "I would appreciate seeing myself at world events like the soccer World Cup, and also doing business for them by decorating in their events. Here in South Africa I hope to provide my services to events like the Nedbank Cup, MTN tournament, Telkom Charity Cup, Vodacom Cup and PSL events," said Peshy.

"I would appreciate scooping awards in my business and music career one day," she added.

For Peshyto perform in your parties, events contact her on: +27 61 7418298 or contact her manager Welcome Nyoni on: +27 74 6413556

Source - Mkhululi Chimoio