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Bulawayo musician urges artists to work together

by Staff Reporter
19 Feb 2015 at 10:04hrs | Views
Hiphop Guru Munyaradzi Mudyanadzo, popularly known as Dingi Cash, has dropped a sizzling Zimdancehall single titled "Thousand" in which he blasts the other artists for failing to work together to build a better industry.

The song offers the singer's view on how artists and Deejays are failing to work together but instead diss each other, backstab and fail to promote each other.

Commenting on the track, Dingi Cash's manager Aphro Blaq who co-produced a 2011 hit Seqa Mabhilidi says it is not a diss track but the truth about what happened in past years and hopes it will awaken artists about the struggles that they all go through.

Dingi Cash provides an insight on how artists and Deejays have failed him as co-workers as they take competition too far such that they betray their own friends and workmates.

Dingi Cash believes artists should learn to love one another and work together to be able to rise to better heights that pay much more.

"I have always been that person that help others up so they maybe they can help me one day but I have noticed that once people get up there, they only see me as competition they need to defeat and push down."

"I practically put Mcheznana on to his first record deal with Radio Dialogue and he has never thanked or appreciated but instead I saw a article of him dissing me in a newspaper when I was in Bulawayo in December."

"There are a lot of artists I have helped up into the industry and once they get promised big things by promoters, they lose focus on how and who got them there."

"I did not want to make a diss song so I found a way to make it a rather friendly song and still tell my story."

The chorus goes: "Ama20 lama30 siyawabona, o50 labo80 siyabathola 400pin 600pin siyabakola kuyiswii asokuthi siyakusola but Thousand ithousand ngidizeva ithoysand" The song was released under BodySlam Harare last week and the riddim was produced by Mukwa. In December, last year,is when the " Zenzanjani" hit-maker made headlines when he got insulted by Mcheznana together with Maskiri, Stunner and Pokello. This is when he decided he might as well respond to it as many artists kept going at him in order to get recognition.

The track also has punchlines like "Bodyslam ngitshiye amabody beg, Chillspot angilama cheap shot, Gunhill lizabona ukuthi ngigangile, sunshine ngikuswelele punchline, ngatshayisana lostunner ekhala ngoYona Liya, Dr clearance bangazi leappearance".

He says these are not meant to attack artists or studios but serve as a re-introduction to these studio and artists in a competitive manner and nothing personal.

Source - Byo24News