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Dingi Cash on a Surprise Collaboration with Stunner

by Mncedisi Nyathi
21 Sep 2015 at 21:33hrs | Views
Stunner (L) and Dingi Cash (R) - Hloniphane cover
Bulawayo's hip-hop sensation, Dingi Cash, has partnered with Stunner on a promising hip hop single. Mncedisi Nyathi (MN) met up with Dingi Cash (DC) and discussed about this bombshell collaboration.

MN: What a surprise, you just partnered with Stunner!

DC: Yes we did a song called Hloniphane, produced by Xander from Team Rehab Studio in Harare.

MN: How and where did you meet?

DC: We met at a food outlet, Pizza Inn. I had just released my video for the song Yona Le-ya of which he had watched it earlier that day. We talked about doing a collabo. Hloniphane was originally supposed to be me and Mac from Bulawayo. But, because of the Bulawayo-Harare distance, we ended up failing to partner. But that was a blessing in disguise because it was then that I called Stunner about the collabo we had talked about a few weeks earlier.

MN: Professionally, what's your goal recording with him?

DC: Stunner is a big brand so working with him increases my following plus besides you learn a lot from established artistes so by working with them personally, it becomes a great opportunity.

MN: What did you enjoy the most working with Stunner?

DC: Stunner is energetic. I like the way he loves his hood.

MN: Didn't it intimidate you to work with such a big artist listed among Africa's top 20 hip-hop artists by SA Hip Hop Mag?

DC: He is one of first top artists I got to know on a personal level since my arrival in Harare about two years ago. Truth be told I was a bit nervous., but, I have a robust character; I never sweat on another artist.

MN: On criticism, some of your fans have said you are a coward by running away from Bulawayo to collaborate with Harare artists. What's your take?

DC: I've worked with Bulawayo artists more than Harare ones. Like I had said before, it was Mac I was meant to work with on Hloniphane. I anticipate to feature some hometown artists in the upcoming Hloniphane remix including Mac, Taz , Mceezkay and Kares.

MN: What inspired you guys to come up with this song?

DC: Hloniphane is about how an artist might not respect the other artist's grind. We hustling to pay bills and take care of our families but someone don't respect or talks trash about your hustle. Artists ought to respect each other.

MN: How does the chorus go?

DC: Eh gents kuyiswii s'hloniphana. Ekasi eng'phuma khona siyahloniphana.
EMasemi eLuveve Gwabalanda or izinto zenzeka ukuze sicine s'hloniphana.
S'hloniphane, ng'cela s'hloniphane. Ungaba international uyalenda s'hloniphane.
Dingi Cash lo Stunner ngiyinatshi s'hlophane. S'hloniphane ngcela s'hloniphane

MN: So far, how's the song's reception?

DC: More positive than negative. Tu Nyce said featuring a big artist does not guarantee a hit. Khuxxman agreed with him. But these are people I respect.

MN: Are you planning on shooting a video for this single?

DC: I have some people suggesting on a video for but I'm currently working on video kaThousand so maybe when I'm done with that one.

MN: Should we expect another surprise feature any time soon?

DC: Surprise is definitely going to be my thing. You should expect more features on my upcoming album Sgubhu Sabomrapper

Is it true that you are also working something with Cal_vin despite the alleged beef between you guys?

DC: No, I'm not doing anything with Cal_vin. Cal_vin asizwani vele (we are not in good books) so don't expect anything.

MN: Thank you very much for your time

DC: One timeā€¦.. S'hloniphane.

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Source - Mncedisi Nyathi
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