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1ns and 2s with Dj-Sticha - Where is beef taking Music?

by Dj-Sticha
04 Jan 2016 at 08:09hrs | Views
Namhlanje ngifun' ukukhuluma ngenyama yenkomo ibeef,,,ngiyadlala am talking about ibeef as in ukungaboni ngaso linye phakathi kwabant' abesemculweni or lemme say ukungathelelan' amanzi kwabantu abaku entertainment industry.Abantu bengabangane nje,they turn against each other ngent' encane kujike kube yingwe nenja bese kubhalwa izingoma zokuhayana kunyathelwan' imisila provoking umuntu obeef(a) naye to get iresponse out of them.Some beef with each other for publicity,some beef with each other isisusa kuwumona,some beef ngob' omunye eboleke intombi yomunye or ijaha lomunye bese ke some beef ngoba ezwe kuthiwa there's inyama yenkomo(beef),inengi kuba ne beef ngendaba yemali.Now what is beef?

The word 'beef' is slang that basically refers to deep hatred for someone or a thing.

It's more typical in everyday life when competitors develop friction among themselves.Musicians likewise often develop this friction and the wording 'beef' is used to label it.

When talking about historic accounts of beef in the music industry,the names Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G flash into the minds of most music lovers.

For starters,legendary rapper 2Pac was a good friend of the Notorious B.I.G. The two however later became rivals after 2Pac suspected B.I.G as having had a hand in his (2Pac's) first legal trouble.

Songs dissing each other were recorded,the craze which worsened contention between the once companions.In outline,2pac was shot by a faceless hitman and died due to cardiac failure related with the four shots.

Soon after,Notorious B.I.G was also shot in a traffic jam by suspected 2Pac's "West Coast" crew.The music world realized this could not go and worked to end the East and West coast rivalry.

Beef did not end with the African-Americans but came as far as our own African music industry back in the days Kalawa Jazzme was beefing with 999.Many local artists largely turned controversial due to their questionable relationships with each other.

South African rapper A.K.A developed rows with Cassper Nyovest after Cassper released a new song and a video,he felt like he was not getting much love from fellow musicians,emehlweni wakhe wabona sengathi bamdlel' umona and went on twitter to vent,kwamhlala kab' uA.K.A yasuka ke.This is often exhibited in their songs like A.K.A's Composure dissing Cassper and Cassper responding with "Dust to Dust".

Mr Style SA (Dj-Style),is currently engaged in a belly-aching s'bhakela with his former boss Dr Malinga,eyabo yasuka ngendaba yomnotho(money) like omunye phakathi kwabo ufuna kusetshenzwe kodwa masekubhadalwana isanlda sibanjwa yinkwantshu singabe sisafik' epokotweni,he(Style) has provoked several other artists from Doc Malinga's stable,Lingas entertainment into beef creating a rare stage of competition in the industry.

Fans take sides about beef when debate comes up.Some say yes and some are negative to beef tendencies.The 'Yes' side say that an industry without beef exhibits less competition which renders it more of boring.

A local upcoming Hip-hop producer Jabu says that beef is not bad as long as it is played in a friendly manner.He adds that beef should not involve fighting or murder but rather act as a tool of correcting the 'lost sheep',the musician in the wrong(sic).

The veteran Afro House musician and producer,Khuxman said "I personally don't think it's good for the industry because it becomes good if artists are working together as one,,but nxa kuliwa then the music suffers(sic).
Baby Slie,a female  hip-hop Dj,disagrees with uJabu.She says that mainly rappers have beef because of envy for each other.

She also stresses that the troublemakers end up losing fans in their bid to create news."Myself,I have developed a negative stance towards hip-hop.Beef is primitive,"she wraps it up.

Empeleni beef does not only appear in hip-hop music,but seems to be a general music infection nje,look at many musicians ekasi lakho who used to be best buddies kodwa manje akusakhulunyiswana,I wont name them ngoba some of the stories anginas'qiniseko if they true or not I only write indaba engizaziyo.

African-American RnB goddess Beyonce provoked Janet Jackson into a celebrity 'cold war'.She uttered in an interview that the Jacksons had a terrible background,and boasted of her own family's first class early existence.

And the other non hip-hop 'beef-stars' are the Chimbetu brothers Suluman said Tryson nabanye nje in Zim dancehall,njengoba ngishilo am not dropping names uma into ngingena qiniso nayo.Sunday world reported that Celimpilo from Uhuru clapped a fellow group member Maphorisa that's beef kodwa if it get's physical kusuke sekuyingozi,khumbula uCassper naye claimed ukuth' one of A.K.A's goon pulled a gun on him,some months after that A.K.A slapped him at a night club,take a look emculweni kaMaskandi.Umqgumeni and Mtshengiseni were once buddies working together kodwa kwaliwa ekugcineni noma bengasekho emhlabeni no one will forget how they used to gura each other in their songs.

With all these accounts,where is this beef taking us? Perhaps our musical forefathers were wrong fighting each other and we blindly followed the paths and,perhaps it's high time we corrected ourselves.

So ngicel' ukubuza njalo,what does this beef have in store for the music industry?

Asabelane ngolwazi,asikhule kwezomculo

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