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1ns and 2s with DJ-Sticha - You are unique and special as a musician,DJ or producer in your own way, ungezwa ngabo

by DJ-Sticha
01 Feb 2016 at 07:09hrs | Views
I remember back in 2012 when I started producing beats using a software called Cubase. I wasn't  sure of my sound instead of ukuding' usizo on how to master or learn basics, I found myself taking my rough songs all over ebantwini aba different looking for approval from some people who I felt were in a better position to judge my production skills. Ngashesha ngafund' int' eyodwa from all that, wonke umuntu was telling me ngokuthi ingoma zami ziyabheda I should try to make ingoma ezifana nezikaMaphorisa, Mono-T nabo Heavy K. That's when I realized ukuthi no one will understand my sound like me, I took a leap of faith, did what I wanted to do and came up with my own sound that only Sticha produces. In short am saying kuhle ukubonisana kodwa ungaya ngabantu you'll end up throwing your dreams away ngoba bona befuna wenze izinto ngendlela yabo, few years later the same people who used to criticize and ridicule my sound, beza ngobuningi to buy or lease beats kimi.

Am sure as a Producer,Musician or Dj sewuke wahlangana nenkulumo that compares you to someone else, e.g.

"if awudlali njengo Dj Shimza, you not a Dj"

"If your songs are different from Heavy K's or Black Coffee, uyabheda try something else"

If you can't sing like uRingo Madlingozi, uyabhimba"

Igade leyonto ingakudonseli phansi, there can only be one Black Coffee, there can only be one Jeys Marabini, there can only be one Lovemore Majaivana. Khohlwa ukuthi ubani uthini and do you, if you listen to most Zim dance-hall songs, kuyefana nje you can't tell the difference ukuthi lo ngubani lowaya ngubani. It's like one person came with a certain style and then the rest took some leaves off his branch, there's a huge difference between ukukopela nokuba inspired. You don't need anyone to tell you ukuth' umculo wakh' uyabheda, peoples opinions should build you not destroy you.

Eminem's rap group D12 had 6 members with each having a split personality. Well all 12 of them didn't spot anything special about a beat given to them by Dr Dre. They reluctantly got into the studio once to lay some voice on it but that was it. Their look-warm attitude left it unfinished

Down the line came 50cent. Dre let him listen to the same beat to see if he shared his passion for it. 50 lost his mind when the beat hit his ears. Started hopping on his toes to the sound and chatting these words repeatedly "go shortie it's your birthday." Dre was excited about his approach and the song "in the club" was born

Can you picture the members of D12 in the club when the DJ evokes the volcanic eruption from the dance floor with that same sound they had begging for their attention?

That same beat now has its own Wikipedia page for achievements that includes a spot on Rolling stones 500 greatest songs of all time, ranking 18th @ VH1's top 100 greatest hip hop songs

Dre told them this was going to be a hit but they couldn't see it till it was too late

Producer ID Cabasa is sure to read this with a strong sense of dejavu as he'll recall offering Rugged man a beat he turned down and 9ice built his entire career around it with "Gongo aso" like Mary J Blige turned down what Rihanna made Umbrella with.

As an upcoming producer, am sure you've approached  the likes of abo Khuxman with your beat, only to be turned down citing ukuthi your sound iyabheda it's below their standards, well if libheda endlebeni zikaKhuxman, lokho akush' ukuth' liyabheda naku Mzoe 7,how about approaching a different person?, keep pushing and one day you'll meet abantu who never believed in you kuma awards ceremonies.

Life holds out the same drama with the potential to be great that we carry inside of us

Like D12, the willingness to exploit is truncated by short shortsightedness or outright blindness of many

Like 50, sometimes only u can see what greatness lies in what you have. The fact that a D12 didn't see it doesn't stop you from believing in what you can become by it.

Some dreams are tailor made for you and would smack of hopelessness to many more who simply were not born to relate

Don't play Jesus trying  to make the  blind see. Realize that some may never see your greatness until it slaps them in the face with the bang called success so to their faces you go. Believe in you.

2016 is still young, go out there and shine, set goals and accomplish them.

Masabelane ngolwazi,masikhulisan' emculweni

Umfana kaGodlway' uyabonga!!!



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