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1ns and 2s with DJ-Sticha - Making Music Videos, Story Boarding

by DJ-Sticha
19 Feb 2016 at 11:55hrs | Views
Creating a storyboard is an extremely important step if you are making a film or video.
When you write out a story, you most likely envision what the scenes and shots look like....similar to actually 'watching' the video in your mind. The storyboard is nothing more than those scenes drawn out in detail, so that the director can refer to them as he/she sets up a particular scene. Think of them as comic-book representations of the images in your production. How well they are drawn out and what they look like does not matter, just as long as they convey to you and the rest of the crew reasonable idea of how the composition, framings, and cuts in your video will play out. I like to be prepared, and know exactly what look and feel that I'm going for, and story-boarding helps me do that. It also cuts the shooting time in half, saving money and lots of headaches!

Ungabhek' ama music video wama musicians amaningi, uyaz'buz' ukuthi lento bayishute becabangaile or bayishute after a drinking spree bathi sebedakiwe bathol' umalume wabo onecamera and decided to make a music video?. You'll find ukuthi the song itself is a scorcher iyashisa kodwa ivideo iyayibulala nje, before sikhuluma nge equipment used to make the music video, kwamele sikhulume ngescript ngoba even if ushuta ngemshin' abayisebenzisa eHollywood, uma into oyenzayo ungayazi or ingaplanwanga kuyi finder-finder, umusic video wakho uzoba mubi engathi yi advert yeCholera. Hlala phansi ubhale istortyboard sakho ukwenzela umuntu nomuntu azi wenzani masekutheni.

The amount of detail will depend on the type of scene you are creating. For a scene with 3 people sitting around a table eating, will probably be less detailed, and will serve better to help plan framing and cutting. For a crazy shot of someone running through a packed space-port out onto a moon runway will take far more detail, and will help the art dept. and visual effects crew plan and merge effects together long after the sets have been dismantled.

Now, it doesn't necessarily matter if you shoot exactly what you planned in your storyboards. It's more important what you learn while story-boarding. Until you start to plan things out on paper, you might not know how much coverage you will need for a particular scene, or if you will need specific sets pieces or props.

Whether or not you choose to draw out a storyboard, you still have to go through the 'storyboard process'. This means that you still have to plan out the visual images and details that you will use to create your project. This will range from how to frame and shoot a scene, to choosing a location, casting, sets, and props.

If you decide NOT to storyboard, you should at least create a shot list for each scene. The last thing you want to do is keep a cast and crew waiting for you to set up a shot you haven't even
planned out!! You will look totally unprofessional - and it just looks bad!

I was more than hands on when shooting our music video for my latest single to be released soon, angifuni kwenzeke the same mistakes engiwabona kuma music vidoes wabanye, I prefer to use the pencil and paper method, but there are a few computer programs out there that will help you to storyboard:
StoryBoard Quick, StoryBoard Artist, Frameforge 3D Studio, & Sketch-Up Film and Stage.

I hope this info is helpful. Masabelane ngolwazi, masikhulisane emculweni.

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Watch this Pantsula footwork, the original music vid will be released soon.

Dj-Sticha feat Smallz-Wayisunduza Pantsula footwork(original vid coming soon)

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