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Byo rap ace Dingi Cash drops 'charming' video

by Stephen Jakes
27 Apr 2016 at 07:20hrs | Views
BULAWAYO HIP HOP GURU, DINGI CASH has released a definitely outstanding video Perfect Date.
In his write up he said in 2015 he did an experimental trip around Zimdancehall working with the top Zimdancehall studios and producers like Mukwa, PTK, MYCSLIM, Young Spin, Young Gee, Mega B, Skywalker and many more.

He said he worked with studios like Bodyslam, PTK Records, Gunhills Records and more. He did tracks like Awustshayi, Thousand, Sgubhu sabomrapper and Perfect Date.

"Perfect Date was the last song I did on Zimdancehall and the one I chose for my video because it showed impact on both Ndebele and Shona communities," he said.

"Its also Dingi cash first music video that is a love song."

Dingi Cash said his movement to Harare has taught him the need to mix languages in order to make his music relevant to all Zimbabwe.

He said the biggest disadvantage to Ndebele Rap in Zimbabwe is a language barrier as few people outside Bulawayo can understand Ndebele.

He said with this song Perfect Date he bridged this. This video has shown impact on both Ndebele and Shona community.

"It was produced by MYCSLIM and it's a mixture of Conscious Raggae and Hiphop. This kind of movement from Zimhiphop to Zimdancehall was temporary to improve on his rap skills and broadening his audience," he said. "You may have noticed this kind of movement on Western rapper Lil Wayne doing a Rock album during his early years as a solo rapper."

Dingi said he has gone back to Ndebele Rap since 2016 as he released a Hiphop track Kudala Kwam' but mixing languages.

He said he will always be dropping Zimdancehall tracks here and there because it has been great trip doing Dancehall and believes Hiphop, RnB and Dancehall is family.

"Where these genres originate, Hiphop and Dancehall  are like brothers , RnB as a little sister. I believe that's how Zimhiphop, Urban groves and Zimdancehall should work together," he said

"You can purchase it on online stores. It is available on iTunes: Spotify, Tidal, Amazon,beats98 and Google Play.

Source - Byo24News