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Zimbabwean singer bemoans rampant piracy

by Thobekile Zhou
23 May 2016 at 10:31hrs | Views
South Africa based Afro Beats singer - Solomon Simbia also known as King S says he is forced to personally sale his CDs to fend off piracy.

King S told that rampant piracy leaves artists with "nothing at all to sell".

"Piracy is affecting sales a lot. They can sell CDs or videos on a much lower price leaving the artist with a very low marginal profit or nothing at all to sell," he said.

"Thank God we have some sites like who are trying to help the artist to beat piracy.

"We also sell our products on a personal level, encourage people to buy from our marketing companies."

King S embarked on his musical journey back in 1992 when he was in form 2.

"I worked with some renowned gospel artists as a backing vocalist and at times a backing keyboardist," he said.

"Together with some other boys from different churches we formed a gospel music band 'Voice of Jordan' where I was the leading vocalist and a composer."

"Dopiro rerudo is a project I embarked on in 2014 released in 2015 after coming across the writings of my uncle Simeon Mukombe aka I King Tune. We decided to work together. He was writing the songs and me doing the singing and production of the album in my home studio".

However, on his current project Dopiro rerudo Vol 2 he has his own compositions such as Zuva riye, Ndomusuwa, Ndakakusarudza and Dopiro Ndokuda.

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The Karoi born singer says he is happy with air play from local stations.

"Yes my music is receiving fair airplay in some of Zim radio stations though I believe more airplay will raise people's awareness of Dopiro Music.

"I have two albums up to date Dopiro rerudo and Dopiro rerudo Vol 2".

King S can be contacted via WhatsApp: +27 79 166 8529

Source - Byo24News