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The Ndebele poet everyone should listen to

by Nkululeko Vuma
03 Jun 2016 at 04:05hrs | Views
There is a good number of artists from the Ndebele nation who tell stories of who we are as a people, artists whose messages should be carried over to generations to come.

We are a very small nation and that makes it difficult for our artists to thrive no matter how good their work is.

In order for them to survive and live to tell another story, we have to back them up 100% - no two ways about that.

This artist right here is one of those that I personally think we should support. If we don't support our own, no one will do that for us.

From the link below you can listen to samples of Bongani Ncube's 'War of peace' album.

If you click on 'buy album' the link will take you to where you can buy the full album, with 12 tracks, for just 98 cents (USD), yes I said 98c for the whole album.

Source - Nkululeko Vuma