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Tocky Vibes bounces back, unleash 'trouble'

by Staff reporter
08 Jun 2016 at 13:26hrs | Views
Zim dancehall act Tocky Vibes says he is ready to release his second album titled Tiraburu (Kwatazonke).

The track Tirabura which according to him has few lines on flamboyant Wicknell Chivayo.

The 14-track album will be released sometime next month.

The album was ‘cooked' by a number of producers that include Fantan, Levels, T Man, Monomukundu, Lyton Ngolomi and Nikk.

Some of the tracks to look forward to comprise the title track Tiraburu, Maihwe, Kwatazonke, Wadhakwa nge doro, Wangu warova and Chigumbu.

Other songs like Wamugonera, Attack kusugar and Handichadzoreka have accompanying videos.

In an interview, Tocky Vibes said:
"The album is all about delivering the message and every song on the album will touch different people.

"Tiraburu means trouble and what I am basically saying is that no matter what stage you are in life there are bound to be problems.

"Zvakangofanana nekuti Wicknell Chivayo akumberi asi ukamubvunza atonewo maproblems ake."

He added:
"Kwatazonke is a mixture of everything in one pot and the old and young are all catered for.

"It can mean various things to different people but to me it has a deeper meaning, spiritual wise."

Tocky went on to say that the music he sings portrays himself, hence the name it Tocky Vibes music.

"My music is all about truth hence you find I am even called tom perform churches.

"People are in search of the truth and that's why people are now flocking to churches more these days.

"People will say I have left a certain genre or maybe I am now confused but I survive on music. I put all my effort which might be nothing to some but in every song that I sing, I try make sure I do what my heart feels is right which is reflecting the real me."

Source - H-Metro
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