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'Am the greatest Zim rapper' - Cal_vin

by Staff Reporter
11 Jun 2016 at 05:19hrs | Views
Award winning Bulawayo rapper Cal_vin has declared himself as the best in the business and should not be compared to anyone in the country.

His sixth album Planet Vin has proof of his greatest, he says.

Planet Vin will be launched in August at Elite 400 in Bulawayo.

"The album title means I am out of this world, I am not in a position to be compared to anybody' he said.

"From my sound, music, the way I hustle, how I push my music, everything I am just different.

After the album drops people will say I am ahead of my time and out of this world- those are alien terms and I feel alienated from everybody else,"

"Everybody else sounds the same, do the same music and they reap the same results, but I don't reap the same results because I apply a different type of seeding into the ground. I have paved my own way and I am in my own world that's Planet Vin for you," said Cal_Vin.

Cal_Vin also revealed that after this album he will take a hiatus from music.

"I will be taking a break till 2018, giving myself more time to market my previous works that were not properly marketed.

"I don't need to be giving people more music every year, I have contributed a lot for Zimhip-hop in just two years.

"I will take time to do visuals for my songs as well as promote my artists under my record label - Volt Face Records," said Cal_vin.

Cal_vin's latest single, My Life, can also be found on

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