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1ns and 2s with DJ-Sticha - You can't buy fans (So why do musicians keep trying?)

by DJ-Sticha
17 Jun 2016 at 08:00hrs | Views
Some few weeks back when I told some people close to me that am printing 200 promotional CDs to give taxi drivers, local gyms, shops, clinics and supermarkets, a lotta them actually thought I was loosing it. They couldn't say it on my face but I could see from their body lingo and facial expressions that they didn't like my idea, well I went on and gave away more than 200 promo CDs to the above mentioned people, places, ocal eats and car washing ports.

What am trying to make you understand is that there are no shortcuts in this music industry sometimes you gotta do what your head tells you. You must go out there and make things happen if you want to get your work out there and trust me only you will do that for you don't be fooled ngabantu who comes as friends and rely kubo to push you, they are there for their own benefits nabo. I was shocked when I got an email from someone telling me to subscribe to their scheme which gives fake twitter followers, you tube plays, facebook likes and friends for a lil amount of money, like who does that?, so you buy 1000 000 fake followers on twitter amarobots nakhona izinto ezingena interest in your work for ini kahle kahle?

Paying for Sound-cloud Listens

Don't pay for fake plays, fake friends, or fake followers what do you gain from having billion followers on social media but still no one downloads your music?

No, I'm not talking about some bad MySpace flashback; people are STILL trying to buy their way to stardom — one click at a time.

A recent article from Digital Music News called "$10 = 100,000 Fake SoundCloud Plays…" illustrates just how easy it is to pay someone to listen to your music, view your videos, favorite your content, comment on your media, and follow/subscribe to your various channels (SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitter, etc.)

But all those listens, clicks, and views don't equal FANS, so why do musicians keep trying this tactic?

Simple: they believe inflated numbers will impress people. Which people? Well, I guess that's where artists' motives differ. It could be labels, bookers, managers, fellow musicians, friends,… even themselves (yes, it's a more common delusion than you might imagine).

But whether they're driven by insecurity, ambition, or something else — paying for fans strikes me as a desperate move born out of a misunderstanding of how bands succeed in today's post-label landscape.

When a band creates something of value (music, videos, community, connection), you can see how their buzz builds alongside their increasing social media stats. It's a logical trajectory. The more actual connections you forge with listeners, the more chances you find along the way to continue that trend: blog coverage, exclusive giveaways, better touring/gigging opportunities, plus real music sales and YouTube revenue to help you make your career sustainable in the long-term.

Fake fans don't fool anyone

Now let's look at the opposite scenario: you've bought 5 million listens on SoundCloud. Well, why haven't I ever heard of you? Why aren't you performing on a late night TV show or at least touring outside of your home state?

How is it that your YouTube video has been viewed 700,000 times but I've never once seen any of my friends (most of whom are music-lovers) share it on Facebook or Twitter?

Yek' ukuzibhayizisa you not fooling anyone ngamalikes and views wamanga coz those fake likes won't buy your music or attend your events.

The moral to this story is obvious: invest your time and marketing money in something that will help you find your real fans. For example, if you were going to spend $100 boosting your SoundCloud listens, use that same money to print nice one-sheets/press releases and mail out 10 CDs to 10 music bloggers in your genre that you think will dig your songs.

You might see a smaller return in terms of your tallies, but you'll have a chance to make real fans — the kind that tell other real people about your music, and who'll pay real money to see you live, buy your merch, and support your crowdfunding campaigns.

What do you think of buying clicks, views, and listens?
Have you been guilty of it in the past (tell the truth!)? What made you feel the need to do it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below or let's connect on social media.

If you looking for my music, uthole kimi let's connect on whatsapp {+27 76 143 4787} or use the link below to download one of the songs ungithinte if you want more.

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