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Bev fails to impress in Bulawayo

by Bongani Ndlovu
02 Aug 2016 at 06:54hrs | Views

REVELLERS could not wait for Bev and her Sexy Angels dancers to get off stage as their performance at Private Lounge in Bulawayo last Friday was uninspiring. At first, Bev captivated revellers but failed to mesmerise them like she did in yester years.

There was a distinct air of anticipation that could be felt in the nightspot with revellers waiting for a glimmer from the dance floor, but alas, nothing happened. Even the male dancers in the group tried to up the tempo but they could not raise interest.

Bev just went through the motions and was a pale shadow of the dancer of four years ago who filled clubs to the brim each time she came to the city. Since her Friday performance was in a strip club, many there thought they would see a bit more flesh from the dancer who was the pioneer of the craze, but that was not to be. Instead she performed for more than three hours, singing some of her songs and clearly frustrating a crowd that is now used to seeing undressed women on stage every night.

The strip side of the nightspot was dedicated to Bev and her Sexy Angels with the club side occupied by the strippers. Some in the VIP area of the club hurled insults at Bev urging her to get off the stage and make way for the resident dancers.

So bad was her performance that when it was announced that the resident strippers had shifted base to the next room, most patrons quickly flooded the club to catch a glimpse of the ladies who were gyrating on poles and tables there.

Source - chronicle