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Majalisa bunks charity gig

by Bruce Ndlovu
08 Aug 2016 at 07:16hrs | Views
DENDERA maestro Sulumani Chimbetu put up a polished and professional showing at a poorly attended Winter Farewell Charity Concert, while South African disco queen Patricia Majalisa failed to turn up at the gig held at the Large City Hall on Friday night.

Majalisa had been billed as the show's major draw card alongside Sulu but the veteran South African diva left the few fans that attended the gig disappointed after she failed to honour her promise to attend the show whose purpose was to raise $50 000 for the Bulawayo Public Library Braille Department.

According to the show's organiser Killion Dube, Majalisa failed to turn up because of delays at the Botswana border.

"She arrived at the Botswana border post late and found that side of the border closed. That is why she could not cross into Zimbabwe on time," he said. However, indications are that the South African diva was in Zimbabwe before Friday night's show as she was already nestled at a local guest house.

Majalisa did not answer calls or messages when quizzed about the matter. Although Majalisa's absence may have been a downer for both fans and organisers, her failure to pitch up on the night was not the only negative to come out of the well intentioned but perhaps poorly organised charity gig.

Attendance was poor, with not more than 100 paying fans at the venue. Organisers seem to not have properly marketed the show as there were no posters advertising the gig on the days running up to Friday night's event.

With little or no advertising, the show, which was to be counter attraction to South Africa's Mi Casa who were playing across town at the Bulawayo Amphitheatre, followed the trend of other events held this year in the City of Kings which have been graced by paltry crowds.

What compounded the organisers' woes on Friday was that there was no alcohol sold at the venue, a fact that made the event even less attractive to imbibers that might have fancied a night out.

While there was no life in the audience, things were different on stage however, as fired up Sulu showcased the best of Dendera. A month after he also failed to honour another show in the City of Kings, Sulu showcased his maturity, proving that he does not need the applause or cheers of a crowd to put up a five star performance.

In a performance whose defining feature was his well choreographed dances, Sulu gave renditions of his and the late Simon Chimbetu's greatest hits without missing a step.

Not to be outdone were Bulawayo performers Jeys Marabini and Nozukile who defied the sombre atmosphere at the venue to give satisfying performances. Their showing and professionalism was not lost on Dube, who despite being disappointed by the attendance at the fundraising gig praised the performers.

"I was not happy at all with the response to the show. However, I was impressed by Sulu, Jeys and Nozukile and other artistes who performed. They did great," he said.

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