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Zimbabwean maskandi artist pays tribute to Tsholotsho FC

by Future Moyo aka Jamelah
28 Sep 2016 at 16:59hrs | Views
The Zimbabwean-Tsholotsho born Mzansi based Maskandi artist, Dumisani Mkhokheli Mthombeni aka Usomaqhinga DMM, says he is paying tribute to his home football team,Tsholotsho FC, through dedicating a track to it in his second album released in South Africa.

Speaking to Switchbod Arts Magazine  DMM said, "I started music in 2014 around December and I was playing with Uqedumcimbi, then on 8 June 2015 I released my debut 10 track album entitled "Thanyazisa" In which I worked with Sandile and we then decided to call ourselves Udumo no Msandane.

DMM further told us that the music industry in South Africa is not as easy as the word from the street would present. He says the major challenge is finance and strategic marketing.

"In 2016 I released my 13 track album  under my new brand name Usomaqhinga DMM entitled "Bajabule" recorded at Integrity studios in Tembisa.

The album has songs like, Iskhali, Umona, kufa, Udlame ft Jongo, Bajabule, Imali, Wamuhle,Dumisani, Ama-Arbotion, Tsholotsho Fc, Awushay'uzule ft Prince, Ngalutheza, Abafana beZhwane.

The Tsholotsho patriots will definitely love this piece of creativity and the football team Tsholotsho FC itself will have to tag it as its pre-match song.

DMM is dreaming of becoming as house hold name in the Maskandi genre beginning with his micro-Tsholotsho to the macro-Africa.  In his quest for glory he has idolised some figures in the industry, "I am envying  Khuzani , my vision is to  be a known artist who can claim the Maskandi  heavy weight belt."

USomaqhinga DMM is available for bookings and can be contacted via  Facebook and by phone:+27 738731238

Source - Future Moyo aka Jamelah