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Mlambos Express Band writes a letter to the president

by Future Moyo aka Jamelah
06 Oct 2016 at 15:43hrs | Views
JOHANNESBURG - The Mzansi based Zimbabwean Rhumba ace Mlambos Express Band-"The Super Legends" will deliver a letter to the state president before jetting off to "another planet."

Speaking from his base in Johannesburg, the band manager Thabani Ndlovu expressed his burning desire to visit his home country as part of the band's executives.

"We are artists and as artists we are the mirrors of the society, so our music must be relevant. Last year it was time to party throughout the year, now that we have had enough pleasure we have decided to write a letter to Zimbabwe's number 1 citizen. In this letter we say it as it is,"said Ndlovu.

The humble band leader Fiselani "SamaNgwe" Ngwenya also echoed the same sentiments and further emphasised on the macro-role of his band, "we are a people's band mandated to be the voice of the people, so my job is to put the message through my guitar and mic," Ngwenya said.

Switchbod Arts Magazine has it that the last time the band was at close proximity with the president was during the 2014'  21st February movement fund raising gala in Harare , now without any invitation from the presidency, the band itself shall have to invite the politburo to the state house.

Arguablly the most popular rhumba band because of its electrifying footwork, Mlambos Express band is set to take many people by storm. Apparently the band has a tight schedule in terms of lined up gigs.

Ndlovu said: "We have a very busy schedule this summer, infact before going to Zimbabwe we have Botswana and Durban business to deal with, then there is another trip to a venue outside Africa. On the other hand Limpopo fans still need us back but unfortunately we will serve them early next year as we are now fully booked up to February 2017."

Due to it's popularity the band has attracted a lot of invitations across South Africa and recently performed Limpopo for the first time. Despite a tight schedule, the ‘boys' are still going strong and they are prepared to spend the whole summer season either on road or on air. They have to visit Botswana's Nkange village on 15 October, then clock back to Johannesburg only to proceed to Durban, thereafter they have to touch down in Zimbabwe for a marathon gig program that will see places like Matabeleland South, Matabeleland North and some parts of Mashonaland being visited including Harare.

Switchbod Arts Magazine further reported that before the Zimbabwe trip, a goodbye gig for Jo'burg based fans remains a must for the band.

However it is the Zimbabwean based fans who stand to enjoy most as the band will be showcasing its refined piece of art.

The performance dubbed as operation "unyawo phansi bafana" (operation foot on ground boys) is set to take fans by surprise.

"Is it really rhumba or tshibilika dance?"

The band fronted by the Luvuyo man (Fiselani Ngwenya) is currently having 15 albums under its belt following the release of the seven track Eziqeda Amazwane Volume Three (by Mlambos Stars) on 1 October 2016 and the current one "Dear President" to be offcially released in less than 20 days.

With the tremendous increase of gigs , humanitarian assigments and band members, the band find itself in need of more transport than before, "we need more donations especially in terms of transport like Quantums,mini-buses and even other type of cars aslong as it will assist us. We are a very open band and those who have helped us before will confess that. We also appeal to fans to buy our branded products like T-shirt, calendar, and not forgetting original CDs and DVDs. We thank all those who have assisted us with very expensive assets like the recent trailer we got from one of our diehard supporter, for transporting our instruments ," Ndlovu said.

"We are a people ‘s band , thus why we are found where people are gathered everytime, for example we also attend the Mqabuko day, provide our system for free just to show our support and patriotism. We also support other fellow artists and even give the stage to introduce themselves to fan. So being the people's band we must speak for our people, " Ndlovu continued.

Ndlovu further confirmed that they have a social engagement program on pipeline. The programs seeks to support education in Zimbabwean schools through education with production policy.

With the dawn of the seven chaptered letter -"Mr President", we wait as Switchbod, to see if the fans' vote will reorder the packing order of hit tracks currently topped by "iMaths" or will just maintain it like that.

So far the band has released the following albums: Imfundo Yimpilo (2002), Isimo Sempilo (2003), Umkhandi Wemali (2004), Batswana (2007), Umhambi (2009) , Hlalabemsola (2011), Isibongo Esikhulu (2013), Time To Part featuring iMaths (2014), Jabul'Ujule featuring ikhekhe(2015).The Mlambos Stars have released Eziqed'Amazwane volume one (2014), Volume Two (2015), Volume Three (2016).The DVDs include : Sitshintsh' aMagiya Volume 1 (2011) and Sidlal' uNyawo Volume 2 (2013).

"Our music is now available the whole continent, and local stores like Jive city, Reliable Music, Look and Listen, Jet Music, and many more music outlets ,"emphasised Ndlovu.

In its new projects Mlambos band worked with Orrack Chabangu the former CCP records Managing Director, (and also Former General manager of EMI ) ,who has worked with the great singers like Rebecca malope, Brenda Fassie, Tshepo Tsola, Soul Brothers and Mzwakhe Mbuli.So its up to the fans to judge which okne goes on top.

Mlambos further encouraged the public to always check on its website for latest feeds and gigs calender. On the website visitors can also subscribe to newsletters with information about the oncoming anniversary.

Source - Future Moyo aka Jamelah