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Mehlokazulu to launch a single in Johannesburg

by Future Moyo aka Jamelah
13 Oct 2016 at 13:20hrs | Views
JOHANNESBURG :The Zimbabwean Kezi born artist Mnqolo Mehlokazulu will launch his CD single on the 14th November 2016 at Hillbrow in Johannesburg.

Switchbod Arts Magazine learns that Mehlokazulu loved music from his tender age and he used to sing at school and at churches.
Apparently accapela was his favourite music by then and less did he know that he was going to change his gear and venture into maskandi and then  jazz music.

Before seriously switching into jazz and maskandi he once sang with Mnambithi boys. The 2009 xenophobic attacks made him to compose a song called "Umakhelwane wami usengixotsha." When his all-time friend Bongani Ncube heard the song he advised him to pursue his career and turn professional. "I took Bongani's advice seriously and as we speak I have got three albums to my credit."

Like most artists, he encountered challenges in his musical career," it was not easy to win the hearts of people because they (people) tend to ignore the budding artists' work,"he said.

In addition to that Mehlokazulu bemoans poor media coverage at home.

None-the-less he vowed that he will work extra hard to save the interest of his fans and put himself on another better level. "People choose what they want, you can love your work and find out that people don't like it. On the other hand you might not take your work seriously but only to find out that people like it. People know what they want", Mehlokazulu said.

Switchbod Arts Magazines further learns that he was inspired by the works of artists such as Hugh Masekela, the late superstar Bhekumuzi Luthuli and Zimbabwean master of art Lovemore Majaivana. He showered praise on Majaivana's music.

"Majaivana's music is good because its for all age groups and it can be played by people from different cultures. I want my music to be like that and it will be called Afro-music. That will be my identity ,"Mehlokazulu added.

Jazz music lovers should not miss what he called the best of the best.He further emphasised that he will never look back. When he was asked why he was releasing both jazz and maskandi music he said, "I do what fans want not what I want. As I speak Iam launching this jazz single following the demand from my supporters. I do not want to starve my supporters because they are my masters. Their word is my command and their choice is my stardom."

Security at the venue seems not to be a worry according to Mehlokazulu. He stated that a shrewd mind was used to deal with that problematic area. "I can rest assure you that securitywise  we wont have a problem. We have sent invitations to people who have always exhibited a degree of maturity and humanity. The selection of people gives us or you an indication that a perspicacious mind was used to strategically avoid disturbances. I hate dubious and juvenille misconduct because it paints my image black," Mehlokazulu concluded.

Source - Future Moyo aka Jamelah