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Zimbabwean Dj Rabaaz releases gospel DVD album

by Staff Reporter
03 Nov 2016 at 22:23hrs | Views

SA-based Zimbabwe Gospel musician Dj Rabaaz has released a 10-track debut DVD album for his first CD album Tendeuka (Repent). The full CD album was launched online earlier this year and is available on

Dj Rabaaz (Claud Rabson) says the DVD has already started selling in Harare, Bulawayo and Gauteng and anyone who can't find a copy in Zimbabwe can reach T&C Records via whatsapp on +263 773 506989 while South African fans can reach Rabaaz Entertainment via whatsapp on +27 73 355 4853. 

Titled Tendeuka (Repent), the DVD has a theme for repentance and carries 10 tracks, which include Tariro (Hope) that has already featured on ZTV's music calabash programme to promote the DVD release.

Preview Tariro track from the DVD album.

Asked how he managed to do all videos for the 10-track CD album at once, while other upcoming musicians find it to be so challenging, Dj Rabaaz had this to say, ‘Besides time constraints a lot of musicians face, the most challenging factor is financial resources.

On this DVD project, I became part of the filming and production team to keep the costs very minimal and for this I give special thanks to Pardon Gambakwe who managed the entire project, not forgetting Rejoice Jambaya and Sharon who did backing vocals and featured on almost all videos'. 

Though he is little known in the music industry, Dj Rabaaz said he is reviving his musical ambition that dates back more than 15 years ago when he played drums and backing vocals for various groups/artists such as Mambakwedza Band, formed at Zimbabwe College of Music, Noel Zembe, King Isaac, Bulk Spirits, Mozambiquean duo of Theresa & Awendile of the Musikana fame, just to mention a few. Dj Rabaaz said he has managed to come up with a new beat on his musical project but says the message in his music is more important than anything else. He also promised an early Christmas present by releasing a free single titled Shingirira (Persevere) in December this year.

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Source - Byo24News