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Tytan, Olinda shrug off body shaming

by Staff reporter
02 Apr 2018 at 07:27hrs | Views
Olinda Chapel, whom some claimed paid her own brideprice recently suffered a series of vile comments body shaming her after her fiancé Tytan shared a picture of the two on Facebook recently.

Body shaming is inappropriate, negative statements and attitudes toward another person's weight or size. It is a form of bullying. As well as being humiliating, it can lead to short and long term psychological and health related issues.

Tytan who last week paid bride price for Olinda had gone out shopping with his wife in Harare and they broadcast live on Facebook, a video of them doing their errands.

However, it was when Tytan decided to share a snap with his belle on Facebook that the body shaming started. The comments were about how big Olinda's body is and how Tytan could eventually leave her for a younger and more petite girl.

Others tried in vain to chastise the people who were body shaming her but they continued. This did not go down well with Olinda who said she felt that people wanted her relationship with Tytan to break down. She also edited her and Tyan's Facebook settings to ensure that a few selected people would comment on their posts.

Speaking to Tytan during a Facebook Live video, a visibly affected Olinda said: "People want to separate us. They want me to be skinny in order for you not to ditch me."

Tytan responded by posting another picture of Olinda which he simply captioned: "Okusalayo, umuntu ngowami," loosely translated to at the end of the day, the person is mine.

But, the pair is not slowing down on their love as they on Friday, posted yet another live video, this time with their wedding planners – VIP Hosting.

They gave followers snippets of the wedding plans and it seems like the wedding will be one that aspiring bride's dream of.

Tytan on the other hand, seems to be enjoying Olinda's presence in his life as she is now acting as his manager, often looking for gigs for him and promoting his music career, a boost the artiste definitely needed.

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