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'Call me Zodwa Wabantwana'

by Staff reporter
19 Jun 2018 at 07:00hrs | Views
SA entertainer, Zodwa Wabantu says people should now call her Zodwa Wabantwana as she has realised that most of her followers are young children who look up to her.

Speaking on Real Talk last week, the dancer who is famous for dancing without underwear stunned many when she said she was probably dating her father as she has never met him.

"I've never met my dad and I don't know if he's alive or not. Maybe he's one of the men I'm dating," she said as she laughed.

She said her mother died when she was young and as such, she moved out of their family house when she was 16 years old.

"After my mother died, I decided to move out and fend for myself as I couldn't stand the pressure from my siblings (fighting for food, the house and everything else).

"I went and lived with a friend and started looking for jobs. I must say I've been doing well since then because to me, as long as I can afford bread and eggs, I'm good," she said.

The entertainer who is famed for her Vosho dance had a talent identified on social media after videos of her dancing at Eyadini in Durban went viral. Since then, she started getting bookings from various spots as people wanted to see her performing. Artistes also started contracting her to feature on their music videos. She said she was initially satisfied with a payment of R2 000 that she was getting from artistes per feature until DJ Tira approached her and told her she was worth more.

He sat her down and told her she was worth at least R35 000.

"UDJ Tira wangibiza wathi Zodwa, you're worth more than R35 000," she said.

"And oh yes, I'm living my dream now. I'm now a woman worth R35 000.  Recently I was in the United Kingdom, United States of America and Australia which is a sign of success."

Now, when she has no bookings, she does not compromise and prefers to stay indoors as she does not want to lower her new standards.

"When I have nothing to do, I sleep in my home because this R35 000 worth face can't be seen randomly, all thanks to Tira."

Asked if she was planning to settle down, the mother of one son – Vuyo said: "I've no plans of getting married because I don't want to be having to sleep on Johnnie Walker and Grandpa because of men stress. Yes I have a boyfriend and we're cool as we are."

She insisted that she would not wear makeup because she got famous as a natural lady.

"I don't like make up because I got famous while I was very natural, so why should I change now? Most artists and my competitors out there don't understand why I refuse to wear make-up but it's because I prefer myself natural."

These days, Zodwa is captured removing her underwear on stage. Asked if she has regrets doing so, she responded: "When I take off my pants on stage, I don't regret anything because I'll be doing as per the fans' wishes.

"When they scream that I strip, I do exactly that with no regret, that's entertainment. As long it's not 'ubufebe' then I'm not worried or remorseful."

Looking into the future, the entertainer said she hopes to resign from the entertainment industry which she accidentally found herself in, next year.

"I intend to resign and sit home next year as I've stated earlier. That hasn't changed. I think I'm almost satisfied with what I have right now. So I'll be fine if I retire next year as I'm sure I'll still afford to put bread and eggs on my table."

Source - chronicle