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Analysts defend Tinashe Kachingwe

by Mandla Ndlovu
22 Apr 2019 at 14:14hrs | Views
Analysts have defended American based musician Tinashe Jorgensen Kachingwe who recently courted social media storm after she was accused of denying being a Zimbabwean.

When asked whether she is a Zimbabwean on Twitter she said, "My Dad is."

South African based analyst Fortune Mlalazi said, "What Zimbabweans must know is that the concept of identity of fluid and not constant. Merely because one has name that sounds like names of other countries and speaks a language that is spoken in a certain country does not make one belong to that country. For example, you have people like Eddie Cross who were born and bred in Zimbabwe but they are white and they are fully Zimbabwean and claim no citizen of any nation.

"I think Zimbabweans must mature and understand that a human being has the right to decide the identity that they want instead of forcing identities upon a person."

Human Rights lawyer Alex Magaisa also said so called Zimbabweans who are born and reside outside Zimbabwe do not have a connection to the country as those that are in the country.

"The recent brouhaha over nationality reminds of the old adage: success has many fathers but poverty is an orphan. We, and  I use this loosely, like to claim people only if they have done well. Let them claim and assert their Zimbabweanness. Let us not frce it upon them.

"For young people growing outside Zimbabwe, their relationship with the nation is a little distant compared to older hands who are linked by memory. Yet believe me as they grow up and begin to understand the complexities of the world they do gravitate towards the nation."

Tinashe was born in Lexington, Kentucky but moved as a child to pursue a career in entertainment.

Source - Byo24News