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Mthwakazi launches new radio station

by Staff Reporter
08 Apr 2016 at 20:25hrs | Views
Matebeleland Media and Cultural Enthusiasts Launch Mthwakazi Review-on-Radio (MROR) Programme
As a way of giving back to mother Matebeleland, a colourful international network of Matebeleland (Mthwakazi) Media and cultural enthusiasts are launching on the 6th April 2016, a dynamic and innovative Radio Programme on Dipro FM Radio, a station that is based in South Africa to cover Matebeleland issues. The Radio programme is called Mthwakazi Review-on-Radio (MROR).

The Radio programme will focus on engaging Matebeleland (Mthwakazi) on a broad spectrum of issues that have confronted Matebeleland in the past and indeed those issues of interest that confront Matebeleland and its citizens today.

Among its plethora of aims and objectives, Mthwakazi Review-on-Radio will provide a dynamic and innovative platform for the recovery, restoration, valuing and promotion of Matebeleland's cultural diversity as well as providing a platform for the agenda for the re-establishment and restoration of Matebeleland's Monarch that was destroyed violently by colonial forces in 1893 under the command of Cecil John Rhodes.  

MROR will also provide a dynamic and thought-provoking platform for the origination, refining and cross pollination of ideas on issues and themes of interest affecting Matebeleland including politics, human rights, language preservation in diverse communities, development, economics, employment, land and resource ownership, entrepreneurship, health, education and history.

At the core of MROR's aims and objectives will also be to offer a robust platform for the promotion and valuing of Matebeleland's diverse tradition, way of life, arts and music as well as the recovery, restoration and revitalization of Matebeleland's civic society.

History of MROR

Mthwakazi Review-on-Radio is a sister organisation to uMthwakazi Review (www. , an online news platform founded in 2012 by Mr Thembani Dube, a prolific writer, social commentator, cultural and media enthusiast currently resident in the United Kingdom.

uMthwakazi has also ventured into the footballing world and donated football kits to a number of teams in Matebeleland under its Charity wing called uMR4Kits. It has also offered a platform for an international network of Matebeleland cultural enthusiasts to co-ordinate and donate resources to Mzilikazi Day Celebrations as well as Gadade Commemorations in Matebeleland.

The concept of a Mthwakazi Review-on-Radio Programme came into fruition due to a proposal that was made by one Brevton Mpofu, a seasoned Matebeleland activist based in Johannesburg who introduced the idea to uMthwazi's WhatsApp platform, a platform whose membership is increasing at an alarming rate. Ever since the introduction of this proposal, a network of Matebeleland Media and cultural enthusiasts have made sure that the idea comes to fruition for the greater good and benefit of the people of Matebeleland. Mr Mpofu is the current Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Mthwakazi Review-on-Radio.

MROR's Structure

In an attempt to fulfil our dynamic vision as MROR, we have set up a multi-layered structure comprising of the International Board that runs MROR. The Board is made up of Directors based in the UK, Canada, SA, Zim and Botswana. Below the International Board structure there are Diaspora Committees that are comprised of Europe, South Africa, Botswana and a home based National Committee in Zimbabwe.

Growing Listenership Strategy

MROR believes in the seed-approach concept of growth whereby it envisages expanding its listenership in Matebeleland, regionally, continentally and globally by reaching out to all the people of Matebeleland and friends of Matebeleland for the greater cause of supporting Matebeleland to overcome its challenges.

MROR will in due course intensify its dynamic and robust broadcasting Radio programmes on Dipro FM Radio ( and in some cases, where permissible, engage in road-shows or take advantage of platforms it may be offered by other organizations or groups with similar interest in Matebeleland issues.

MROR has made a procurement of 3hr slots for 3 days weekly with Dipro FM Radio running on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays every month throughout the year. It has its own dedicated Broadcaster/DJ, Mr Promise Sibanda.

The MROR slots will run from 18:00hrs to 21:00hrs South African Time on all 3 days and interested listeners are encouraged to visit DiproFM on: on these particular times and days. Those wishing to call the programme for discussing any issues relating to Matebelelend during the programme are free to call the Station on: 0845355254/0110247579 (RSA numbers) and talk to Promise Sibanda.

MROR will also be available in other social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter to intensify its coverage and vigorously grow its listenership. Therefore Matebeleland watch the space and join us as we embark on a journey of highlighting Matebeleland issues for the greater good of our people. Ask not what Matebeleland can do for you but what you can do for Matebeleland, a rephrase of John F. Kennedy's famous words in America.

Visit website:

MROR: Uphondo LweSizwe!

I thank You

Mr Vusani Maqeda Ngwenya

Chief Executive Director (MROR)

Press Release issued by Directors of Communication

Mr Thembani Dube

Mr Thamsanqa Mlilo

Source - Mthwakazi Review-on-Radio