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Mukanya refuse to perform without being paid

by Arts reporter
28 May 2013 at 03:25hrs | Views
The UK tour which featured young Nox and Chimurenga maestro, Thomas 'Mukanya' 'Tafirenyika' Mapfumo has been dogged by fights over money. Thomas is known for fighting his corner and has been in the business for a long time and will simply not play without being paid.

In Leicester, Mukanya put his foot down and told promoters that without seeing the pounds he was not going to go on stage. Promoters haggled with him promising that when all the shows are done he will get his money. But the old man said no.

Oblivious of the commotion, Nox went on stage and played his set, wowing the Leicester crowd with an energetic performance.

After the got off stage fans had to contend with a disco as Mukanya and the promoters were locked in a meeting. Mukanya's fans were not happy with him, saying monetary issues should be settled after the shows, not during.

"Mudhara vanonyadza mhani. Every time, it is the same old story. Next time he advertises a show, I will not come because we know there will always be problems with money. It is a shame he is a great artist," said one fan.

But others sympathised with him. They said promoters must sort out their finances before hiring a big gun like Mukanya.

Eventually Mukanya sauntered onto the stage and grudgingly played for less than an hour. It was clear his heart was not into it, leaving his fans angry. It was not clear how much he was paid for the set. But it was clearly not what he had been promised.

Nox and Mukanya were expected to perform in Chester and Slough.

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