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New TV series on cards

by Staff reporter
12 Mar 2019 at 06:04hrs | Views
A MULTI-AWARD-WINNING film production house, Mirazvo Multimedia Productions, is set to add more life to the showbiz with a new television series, Bokoto Brooke Triad, scheduled to premiere later this month.

Mirazvo's spokesperson and director of the series, Nick Zemura, last week told NewsDay Life & Style that the drama which derives from the name Bokoto from a Murewa mountain will be a thought-provoking production.

"This is a fictional story set in a fictional country, with fictional characters. We wanted to do a thought-provoking or an intriguing drama where one actually enjoys when all the pieces come together," he said.

"The series has three sides, so everything happens in threes. It has three powerful men in (the) Bokoto Republic, who are married to beautiful women. The three women hate each other yet their three children play together. The pretty story is set when the Army General's son is mysteriously shot dead at the Police Chief's house. When this tragedy happens right at the beginning, many versions to the story emerge."

He said the three powerful positions in the Bokoto Repulic are coincidentally played by actors who share the name Charles.

"Award-winning actor Charles Mzemba acts as Army General Kenneth Muronzi, Charles Mucheriwa as Police Chief Vhiriri, while Charles Kapfupi acts as Chief Justice Abednego Karonga," he said.

Zemura described the series as unique and said naming it after Bokoto was a way of paying tribute to the Murewa people.

"Bokoto is a mountain in Murewa which is very symbolic to the Nhowe tribe where I belong to. In the movie, Bokoto is a Republic with a different feel. We have done it for the Murewa people and Zimbabwe at large. Why can't we give back to our people? This is like paying homage to them," he said.

"Our costumes for the security forces are unique, they don't resemble that of Zimbabwe. There is no personification of the local security forces. We did everything we could to avoid misinterpretations."

The series feature two Applied Media Performance Studies students at the University of Zimbabwe, Precious Chikuruwo and Tafadzwa Mundoita, both acting in front of a camera for the first time.

Chikuruwo acts as Chipochashe "Chashe" Karonga, the Chief Justice's daughter and Mundoita as personal assistant to the Army General's wife, played by Portia Muperekwa.

Other actors are Mercy "Mangwana" Mubaiwa, journalist Tafadzwa Zimoyo, Kuda Bususu, Shingai Shamuyarira, Fungai Mutsvene, Patronella Matare, Amanda Kapfupi and Charity Munyikwa who acts as Chief Justice's wife.

Mirazvo is behind hilarious productions such as Muzita raBaba and Muchaneta.

Source - newsday
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