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'Tips' to calm your nerves during presentations

by Staff Reporter
22 Nov 2018 at 11:35hrs | Views
It is not easy talking to many people and sharing your thoughts and ideas. You might fear that they will criticise what you say. You might also worry that they will find you dull and not listen to you at all. Before you know it, you start shaking, and you can't present yourself well. There are ways to fight nervousness when presenting in public.

Increase your energy

Find something to bring your energy up. Open your playlist to listen to songs that will help increase your energy. You can also turn to energy drinks, but you need to go slow, or else you will lose focus on stage. When you start transforming your nervousness into enthusiasm, it leads to an excellent presentation.

Watch other speeches

It might help if you also look at what others are doing. They can guide you in your remarks. You can try to analyse them and find out how they manage to maintain their confidence on stage. Find out how they can make people interested in what they are saying. You might even try copying some of the tactics to help make your speech interesting, although your content needs to be unique.  

Arrive early at the venue
It helps if you have enough time to see what is going on. You will know if the crowd looks excited to see you, or they seem not interested at all. You also get yourself used to the idea that you are talking in front of a crowd. Even if you are very nervous when you arrive, you will have the chance to relax before you start your presentation.

Chat with people

If you arrive early and you have enough time to speak with the people who will listen to your presentation, you need to talk to them. It helps make you feel relaxed during your speech. You will commence a good relationship with them, and you are starting off with the right foot.

Think happy thoughts

You need to visualise positive ideas and moments in your life. Think of things that will make you laugh or open your phone to watch funny videos. When you feel positive, it affects your emotions before the speech. The moment you begin your presentation, you will be confident.

Use presentation aids
It also helps if you use aids like presentation folders. You know you can't say everything the listeners want to hear. Therefore, you need to have extra visuals to guide them during the presentation. The visuals also help in clarifying ideas. Thus, instead of asking you about some details, they can look at the document, and they will no longer need clarification.

Drink plenty of water
Drinking water helps make you calm down. Bring a bottle of water during your speech to help you relax when you feel too nervous. You are also talking about a lot of things, and it could dry out your throat.

Now that you know these tips, you can feel confident about your presentation.

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