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5 tips to complete your academic assignment in a night

by Staff Reporter
13 Mar 2019 at 14:54hrs | Views
Almost every student encounters a pressing situation where you have to complete a project with a few hours left to its submission deadline. It may be because of endless procrastination, a huge workload, or external activities apart from academic work. However, do not despair as there are a few guidelines that can assist you to turn in a high-quality project within the deadline.

1. Seek for Clarifications
The worst experience I have had is writing my paper in full and realizing that I was completely off-topic after hours of hard work.

You should not place yourself in a situation where you are providing answers to non-existent questions. Therefore, do not be afraid to seek clarifications from the instructor if some of the assignment aspects are not clear.

That helps to make sure you do not spend hours researching and writing a project on a topic that entirely different from what was assigned. The instructor will give you a bad grade regardless of its quality.

Even if the professor gives you another chance to rewrite it, you will have labored for nothing and will need to put in more work. Seeking an explanation about your academic project demonstrates your initiative, which will be critical to ensuring that your last-minute effort culminates in a perfect score.

2. Create a Flat Outline
You have probably encountered educational projects that require you to submit a paper with an outline. Usually, even if it is not necessary, students use outlines with bulleted or numbered points before writing the final paper.

However, you should use a different approach by developing a flat outline in which you list all the areas that you will handle in an ordered way. Subsequently, you should identify the relevant sources, extract all the quotes you will use in the paper, and turn the outline into the final project.

That kind of plan is better as it incorporates all the steps that you require to write a high-quality essay. It is ideal for the high-pressure situation of completing an academic project in a few hours as these steps help you to discover what you are going to include in the writing process as well as to overcome writer's block.

3. Conduct Efficient Research
Once you have understood the requirements of an assignment, you need to conduct comprehensive research. Nonetheless, you need to be careful not to overindulge in the exercise as it may turn out to be a significant time-waster.

Consequently, you should set a time limit and commit about 30 minutes for every page. That is, if you are writing a 5-page final paper, you should spend a maximum of two-and-a-half hours on researching.

The goal of the initial research is to ensure that you have sufficient information to start writing. However, if you find out that you require more data when you are completing the project, you can conduct additional research to target specific material. Identify your sources, take notes, and then continue writing.

4. Identify an Ideal Writing Environment
After you have established that you understand the requirements of an assignment, carried out the initial research, and developed a flat outline, it is time to get down to writing.

 However, not every space is conducive for the last-minute writing. Since you have limited time to write, the greatest hindrance would be getting distracted. Therefore, you need to choose an environment that will allow you to focus on your "mission" effectively.

You need to identify what places are the most study-friendly for you. Also, ensure it is comfortable, especially regarding your work surface and seat.

Remember that eliminating digital distractions, such as phones, is critical. If you require the internet for your project, you should consider installing an application that blocks potentially distracting websites.

Also, you should ensure you have all you need during the entire period before you start writing. If music helps you get in the zone, you should prepare an appropriate playlist beforehand.

5. Use a Standard Structure
As a student, you will complete many papers, which means you should have already developed a certain "rhythm." The primary goal when completing a class project is to meet the requirements outlined by the instructor. Since you are not required to break new ground with your project, it is prudent that you identify a standard structure for the relevant discipline as your guide. For that, you can ask your professor to suggest appropriate materials.

Writing academic papers usually implies a lot of work. However, you may find yourself having to complete a project the night before its submission. By following the above tips,  you will be able to get through the challenge step by step and complete the task faster without compromising on its quality.

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