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Dr Stem's dose of encouragement - The Power of 'Thank you, in love, work and life'

by Dr Stem
12 Aug 2014 at 07:03hrs | Views
Rebecca, a young wife and mother of two small girls was understandably stressed and worried when her twenty month-old little girl became seriously ill; so ill, that she spent over thirty days in the ICU of the hospital. Once she was allowed to return home, she required intravenous medications and was not allowed to go out in public for another two months. Just ten days into the ordeal, Rebecca's boss called her saying that while she was sorry for what was going on, she was going to have to find someone else to do her job. Her boss said she wasn't going to ask her to choose between her job and her daughter, so she thought it best if they just found someone else. Wow! Talk about a double whammy!
Fast forward eight months...Rebecca was hired by another firm doing the same thing she'd done before, but with one major difference-her boss is grateful for her work.

"I go to work every day knowing I am respected and appreciated and that I will never be put in a position to have to choose between my family and my job. And at the end of each day, my boss says the same thing, 'Thank you, Rebecca. I couldn't do this without your help'. I cannot tell you what it means to be told thank-you for the work I do. I like what I do and I take pride in my work, but knowing I am appreciated makes me feel like I am a part of the firm and not just a disposable resource."

Bosses, take notice! Letting your employees know that you appreciate them is invaluable to the success of your business. In regularly saying those two little words (thank-you), you are acknowledging to your employees that you know how valuable they are. Saying thank-you gives them a sense of ownership in the company; that they are needed. And needed, they are, because without trusted, conscientious employees, you wouldn't be in business.

Saying thank-you cannot be overused. It is not only valuable at work but in your relationship as well. Saying thank you to your partner, friend means they are valued. It means they can do more for you and with you. Try it. You'll soon find the atmosphere and attitude in your life, home and workplace less stressful, more congenial and just down-right nice.

Be Encouraged and make it a manageable successful week.
Stay Blessed.

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