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Dr Stem's dose of encouragement - How can parents care for their children's needs (part 2)

by Dr Stem
09 Sep 2014 at 19:29hrs | Views
More Parent Tip to alleviate Burnout during the school year. As a parent You will actually feel as if you are the one going back to school. These tips will help you plan for and reduce some of the stresses.

Parent tips 6-9

6. Limit activities. Have a conversation with your child and explain the concept of "we can't do it all." A visual calendar with days and times will illustrate a parent's position nicely when limiting activities.

7. Designate a weekly review time. Maybe one hour on Friday afternoons to go over everything that is needed for the upcoming two weeks. Allow time for planning and prevent being caught off guard. It's the racing out to Wal-Mart at nine at night a few times before March rolls around that flags a parent before the final sprint!

8. Don't take too much on. Don't volunteer for everything; don't jump on to every good idea. Parents and the kids bear the brunt of it. Parents can't do everything. Accept limits and everyone will be happier.

9. Spend quality time with your kids. Kids are forgiving when they occasionally miss an activity as long as they have positive time with their parents! This is very important even for high school children they are still your babies at heart.

Plan for it to be an Exciting, Fun Filled -Successful School Year

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