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Useful products that will help with the relief of hay fever

by Staff writer
27 Aug 2021 at 21:19hrs | Views
Hay fever causes flu-like symptoms such as itchy eyes, sinus congestion and sneezing. Unlike the flu a virus doesn't trigger these symptoms. They are caused by allergens such as dust, pollen and pet dander.

There are many products on the market that will help alleviate the symptoms of hay fever. So if you're tired of dealing with a runny nose every time you come into contact with allergens then this article will help you. Take a look at these useful products to help you relieve hay fever.  

High Quality Home Purifier

The first useful product that will help alleviate your symptoms of hay fever is a home air purifier. These appliances are designed to remove contaminants from the air to improve indoor air quality. Air purifiers are also ideal for removing second hand tobacco smoke.

Some air purifiers work by trapping particles in a filter as air flows through them. Other devices work by neutralising particles in the air without the use of a filter. Furthermore, there are other air purifiers that can eliminate viruses such as the human Coronavirus.

Here are a few advantages of installing a air purifier in your home:

--  Reduces the chances of air born diseases
--  Prevents harmful chemicals from entering your home
--  Removes dust and pollen from the air
--  Neutralises unpleasant odours
--  Relieves symptoms of asthma
Vacuum Cleaners with a HEPA Filter

When cleaning your home you want to use a product that's going to suck up all the dirt. Vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters trap dust, pollen, pet dander and other small particles that cause allergies. A HEPA filter is a pleated device that removes 99.97% of mould, bacteria and other air born particles with a size of 0.3 microns.

Natural Hay Fever Remedies

There are natural ways you can relieve your symptoms of hay fever such as the following:

Herbal teas: Liquorice, Chamomile and nettle tea contain antihistamines and antioxidants that help reduce the symptoms of hay fever.  

Onion and garlic: Both garlic and onions have anti-allergen properties that will help relieve symptoms of hay fever. You can either eat the garlic and onion raw or start cooking with these ingredients.

Local honey: There is a theory that if you #home-remedies">eat locally produced honey it may lower your allergic reaction to pollen that the bees collect in your area to make the honey.

Cleaning Products To Use

When cleaning your home you should use non-toxic cleaning aids to wipe away dirt on counters or floors. It's best to use natural cleaning products to avoid triggering your allergies. The best natural cleaning products are:

--  Vinegar
--  Lemon juice
--  Baking soda with water
--  Salt water

There are also all natural cleaning products that you can buy on the market that are specifically formulated for allergy sufferers. When cleaning your home make sure you wear a mask to avoid breathing in dust.

Final Thoughts

Although there are many products on the market that will help alleviate your hay fever symptoms it's best to use a high quality air purifier. The purifier will reduce the allergens in your home so you can live a life breathing clean air!

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