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Choosing a Sofa? What NOT To Do

by Staff Writer
20 Aug 2019 at 14:32hrs | Views
So, you're ready to buy a new sofa. Your old sofa has finally given up and you now have the chance to replace it with something truly special. You start to look for your ideal sofa and suddenly the truth dawns - there are just so many sofas to choose from.


Buying a new sofa represents a big investment. You need to know you're making the best decision and ending up with something that you'll love for years. Think about quality and consider comfort, and then try to avoid making these common sofa-buying mistakes.

Buying in a Rush
Don't shop for a sofa when you only have a few hours to spare. This is an important purchase. Devote time to the search so you know you will be getting something that suits you. If you're shopping online, look at all the specifications and ask questions. If you're in the store, sit on as many sofas as you can until you find something you like. Once you have a shortlist, give yourself some time to consider your options and then return with fresh eyes to make your final decision.

Not Doing a Test Drive
You wouldn't buy a car without taking it for a test drive, so don't buy a sofa without sitting on it. When sitting on a potential sofa, think about how you will actually use it. For example, do you like to lie down while watching TV? Do you need space for three people? How squishy do you need the cushions to be?

Being Distracted by Trends
Your choice will certainly be influenced by current styles but try not to go for something on-trend if it will date in a few months. Classic styles have a lot to offer, particularly because your sofa will be with you for many years. For example, distinctive Chesterfields don't tend to look dated since the style is more classic than trendy. Other classic styles will look good in a variety of settings. If you like the idea of having a sofa that looks up to date, consider a style that has a classic base and a modern update.

Forgetting About the Fabric
Once you've chosen a sofa shape you need to consider the fabric. The material the sofa is made from will influence your comfort levels and your overall satisfaction with the furniture. If you love a smooth, cool feel to your sofa, leather is the ideal choice. Or you may prefer the textured feel of a velvet sofa or one with an embossed pattern. Colour is not the only detail you need to consider when you are looking at the surface of your new sofa.

Forgetting About Your Doorways
Or forget about your staircases. Does the sofa actually fit into your room? It sounds pretty obvious but if you buy a sofa that you can't get into the house, you're going to feel frustrated. Don't forget to be accurate with those crucial measurements.

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