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Homemade gift ideas

by Staff Writer
15 Dec 2020 at 17:21hrs | Views
This year has not exactly been the most financially friendly for many of us, and for that reason (and quite probably many others), Christmas might be more of a dread than something you are really looking forward to. That being said, you do not need a lot of money to give someone a gift. Homemade presents are some of the most treasured, and if you have some time on your hands, then this could be an excellent option for you this year.
For those who want to get stuck in, here is a list of some handmade gift ideas that your loved ones are sure to love!
DIY Flower Grow Kit
For those of us who know someone with green fingers, it would be easy (and cheap) enough to gift them a plant. That being said, why not give them something which is more of a nurturing experience and create your own DIY flower grow kit for them. Pick from their favourite flowers or vegetables for the seeds, and then choose and decorate the perfect pot for them. Include homemade instructions for newbies as a nice touch and watch them grow something of their own.
Homemade Journal
There are plenty of journals around at the moment, but making one yourself will not only be lower cost than buying one, but you will also get to customise it exactly how you like. With plenty of templates on Pinterest and other crafting websites, you can incorporate so many ideas and make a journal that is tailored specifically to your loved one. Why not make a memories journal for a friend which you can fill in together? Or make a journal of dates that you've had with your other half? The possibilities are only limited to your imagination, and this is a gift that is sure to touch everyone.
Love Tokens or DIY Vouchers
Sometimes we do not need to give gifts, but our time instead. During the extremely busy days we often have as a standard way of life, it is sometimes difficult to find the time to have dinner together or do the dishes when you promised you would get round to it. Make a commitment to schedule out time with love tokens or DIY vouchers. You can put whatever you like on them, even with terms and conditions! And let your recipient enjoy cashing them in. You can even include real gifts vouchers from places like for a restaurant or a store where you would like to go together or enjoy a date.
Sweet Treats
For the sugar fiends in your life, making your own sweet treats can make an excellent gift! Not only can you make their favourite flavours, but you can customise them, however, you like. Some common sweet treats for the festive period include peppermint creams, coated nuts, festive biscuits, fudge, chocolate stirrers, and even chocolate truffles! You can always make your own packaging too, and decorate with ribbons, biodegradable glitter, and anything else festive you love to make the sweetest homemade present.

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