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Picking the best sofa for your living room

by Staff Writer
08 Jan 2021 at 13:27hrs | Views
The living room is that area of the home where most people focus on the interior decoration. Buying a durable sofa of high quality is one of the main things that make the living room attractive. It is not just about how beautiful the sofa will look in your living room but considering factors like durability and the ability to get rid of a stain is key. Here are things to look out for when choosing a sofa.

Check the Frame
A solid frame means a durable sofa. Softwood like pine is affordable but it may wear off after five years. Expensive hardwood like oak, ash, or beech is more durable. When buying your sofa, avoid frames made out of plastic or metal because they are prone to cracks and can damage quickly. The frame should have legs or at least have attachable ones but no empty glued frames.

To try the strength of the frame, lift a side leg of the sofa off the floor and before it hits six inches, the other leg should have risen too. If at that level it is still touching the floor, it is most likely the frame is weak.

Ask about joinery
A frame that has joints linked by any of these types is well built: wooden dowels or double wooden dowels, metal screw. Some tags always come with a notice showing the corner blocks are glued and screwed.

In some sofas, staples or nails can be used for extra support but never purchase a sofa that is connected just with staples, glues, or nails. You can always ask for the documented manufacturer information on the frame joinery.

Test the springs
Most furniture like amart furniture, the sofas are made with sinuous, also referred to as springs which are parts of twisted wires. They help to support the sofa properly but they can become saggy with time if the metal is not heavy. High-end sofas always come with multiple springs; they are super comfortable though expensive.

The springs can be felt via the upholstery implying they need to be close and solid. Sofas that have no springs but just foams are discomforting and fragile. Before purchasing, you can sit down firmly on one edge of the sofa – when you see any creaks, it is an indication that the springs are wrongly placed.

Feel the fillings
Polyurethane foam is cheap but easy to clean. High-density sofas feel hard and softer while low-density foam weakens quickly over time with frequent use. The high-resilient foam is a little more expensive but comfier and more durable. Polyester fiber is also cheap, but it wears rapidly. Goose- and duck-feather fillings from amart furniture are cozy, but they can cluster.
Find tough textiles
Sofas that are used daily need a strong fabric and, in this case, cotton and linen stand a strong chance but be on the lookout for any weak weaves because they can wear out. Another amazing fabric is a synthetic microfiber that can act like most fabrics and above all, it is stain resistant.

Cotton and linen are great stain-resistant fabrics but they not that easy to clean or super durable. Wool fabric sofas are beautiful, attractive, and strong but expensive. For silk made fabrics they are weak.

Choosing a sofa for your living room needs lots of patience while paying keen attention to the fabric as it determines how durable or easy to clean the sofa will be. Depending on your budget, you can always ask for advice from the seller.

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