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His haircuts are turning heads

by Tondo Chinehasha
15 Mar 2024 at 13:17hrs | Views
Toddlers, juveniles, teens, adults and octogenarians, they all flock to Alexio's Barbershop. Sometimes we even see stampedes during school recess as each learner hurries to be in front of the queue to be the first to get a haircut.

Young women are trending with the 'square Pogba cut' where the crown is flat at the top, a line on the sides resulting in a square look.

Most husbands seem to shun this cut as it carries innuendos of modernity and fashion flagship. Aah, man will always be man. Young adults seem to have been swept off their feet with the 'Magaya cut' where the face is clean shaven but with a beareded belt running from left to right, from ear to ear, trimmed nicely to turn heards. This Alexio operating business from Chinehasha Shopping Centre  is causing a stir among nobles and servants.

Late February an eldery couple walked up to our watering hole, a very exciting entertainment joint indeed. The snow-white-haired nanogenarian asked in his hardly audible crackling voice, "Alexio ndingamuwane papi'.

We stared at each other in askance, only to hear that he wanted a haircut. Really, the senior citizen and his equally senior  better half had wobbled all the way from Shop to Chinehasha for a haircut at Alexio's Barbershop?

The guy is stylish, artistic and innovative in his trade. Zesa or no Zesa, Alexio has a backup solar equipment making sure noone is turned away on account of a blackout.

For those who partake in imbibing the befuddling stuff, the all weather Mavende bar is at your service to oil the tonsils. All types of alcohol is there, wines, Queen's tears (matsvuku) and of course the liquid puppies. Not forgetting the traditional Chibuku brew. So next time one needs a haircut, Alexio's is the place to go.

Tondo Chinehasha.

Source - Tondo Chinehasha