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Zimbabwe Fashion Showcase Steps Out Onto The UK Fashion Scene

by Mike Tashaya
19 Jul 2015 at 08:03hrs | Views
Zimbabwean Fashion Week UK's launch show in Birmingham recently was hailed a great success and is already sparking off collaborations and potential new business projects.  Founder,Chiedza Dawn Ziyambe has been really encouraged with both the enthusiasm with which the collections of the 9 designers taking part were received and the interest being generated for designers who showcased their work.  

The next important development in this emerging Zimbabwe Design scene is that this unique networking UK fashion niche platform is now being rebranded to ‘Zimbabwe Fashion Showcase' to reflect the year round activities of professionals involved.

Chiedza says: "This is the next logical step.  This event is no longer just a one off show every year.  Designers, models and Zimbabwean creatives are really coming together and need a regular forum to exchange ideas, share expertise and get new collaborations rolling to really capitalise on the show.  From now on, Zimbabwe Fashion Showcase will let everyone know this is a year round network and series of events."

Right now, the gap in the market for African fashion is starting to be coloured by some of the Birmingham fashion event's participants, including: New Yorker, Farai Simoyi, Martha Kuuya-Seidu, Jean Huni, Unique Sibanda, Vongai Ruzive, Julia Makombe, Lourine Ncube, Laura Nyahuye and of course, Miss Chii, herself. As evidenced by some of the participants showcasing in this year's Africa Fashion Week London.

However, Chiedza and her collaborators want to see new talent emerging and getting the right support and exposure.  The Zimbabwe Fashion Showcase means designers and creatives need no longer work in complete isolation from each other, with the support of a professional network.

Zimbabwe Fashion Showcase is completely distinct from other developments happening on the fashion scene, albeit inspired from African fashion shows.  Chiedza says that clothes are an important way for people to express their particular cultural identity. "The demand for African style in the UK and beyond is not keeping up with supply. The Showcase is about giving everyone – buyers and designers - the chance to really express their personal style."

The showcase now provides opportunities for business and individuals to network, build relationships and raise their profile, as well as raising the bar for Zimbabwean fashion.

Chiedza is pleased the Showcase is getting wider support and is excited at year round events being the catalyst for Zimbabwean style in the UK: "I really do believe that the Zimbabwe Fashion Showcase will really bring the design and fashion community together."

To kick off the rebranding, the announcement was made at the show and next the website is imminently undergoing rebranding to reflect how the scene is really coming together.  To find out more, check out the Zimbabwe Fashion Showcase website, ( formerly: ) and check the fashionistabloggers for the latest stories on the Zimbabwe fashion scene!

Source - Mike Tashaya