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Tasanni, a passion for fashion creates jobs

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08 Jan 2016 at 11:56hrs | Views
HARARE - Tasanni' A passion for fashion creates jobs in Zimbabwe' Malawi and other African nations. Fatsani Dogani & Tariro Mapuranga met when they were going to school in Ethiopia - in fourth grade. As the two friends grew' they discovered a shared enthusiasm for fashion. As young adults' they developed the Tasanni fashion line' a style that combines prints' and the bold brightness of traditional African design with the sleek lines of modern clothing. The result is stunning. You can view their full line on their web catalogue at Some items available for immediate order' others for pre-order. Or you can get your Tasanni creation from their new Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign website by making a contribution. It could be the best money you've ever spent.

Tasanni is thriving' and the orders received are exceeding their current labor pool. They have developed the Crowdfunding Campaign to fund more skilled artisans to create the garments. The garments for their spring show were produced in Zimbabwe' where jobs with a company such as Tasanni can make a huge difference in the local economy. This dynamic fashion duo won store space through participation in the 2015 Fashion Week San Diego. The combination of traditional African patterns and western design has proven to be very popular. The course they have chosen - of designing in the United States and production in Africa - is not an easy one.

Fatsani and Tariro want to give back to their home communities. They believe that turning Africa into a fashion manufacturing hub can improve the local economy' and make a difference in the lives of the people who live there - particularly in challenged areas such as Zimbabwe and Malawi. Tasanni contracts with independent tailors in Zimbabwe and Malawi. Expanding their manufacturing endeavors can make a difference. With your help' they can hire more people' create more clothing' and give more back to the world community. In addition to contracting with independent tailors' Tasanni purchases its fabric from small manufacturers in Africa. This is another way that they can support the economy in those areas.

Rewards for this campaign are drawn from their fashion line' starting with a pair of handmade earrings' and culminating with the "Long' Flowy Dress." Contributing is a great way to obtain one of these lovely fashions while doing your part to help the world economy - particularly in Africa. Creating jobs follows the wisdom of the old saying' "Give a man a fish' you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish' and you feed him for a lifetime."

You can view reviews of their fashion show' and a write-up about their crowdfunding campaign on Any Second Now' a blog that focuses on fashion and social causes. The current publication details the crowdfunding campaign. The older post shows details of the 2015 Fashion Week San Diego where Tasanni was named one of the top three designers.

Between the Blog and Tasanni's online catalog you can get a good look at their clothing line. The choices range from elegant through business appropriate down to sporty' flirty and fun. The designs utilize bold African patterns as accents to Western design in a way that is flattering to either slender women or to full-figured women. Above all' these garments look great! They are hand-designed' so the wearer doesn't have to put up with that "mass-produced" look' even though the clothing line is designed to be "ready-to-wear."

Crowdfunding campaigns are often a great way to make a difference while getting something fun or wonderful for yourself. This campaign certainly fits that description. The fashions are lovely; the company hires local talent in economically challenged areas; and you can gain a fashion bargain by contributing to the campaign. It doesn't really get much better than that.

Even if you cannot afford the earrings' let alone the "Long' Flowy Dress'" you can still help. Let other people know about these great fashions' and about the way these young ladies are supporting the economy. Post the crowdfunding campaign to your Facebook' tweet it on Twitter' and don't forget to pin those great fashion photos on Pinterest. The more people who learn about this young company' the faster those orders can pile in. You can help make this campaign viral by sharing it with your friends' and with everyone else you know.

About: Tasanni ( a young fashion production company developed by Fatsani Dogani & Tariro Mapuranga. These two young women have been friends since fourth grade' and share a passion for fashion.

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