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Tips_for treating laser hair removal burns

by Agencies
25 Jun 2018 at 06:24hrs | Views
Laser hair removal burns can be very painful. The worst part is that they don't just go away. The pain lasts for many days or even weeks. As soon as you suffer from the said problem, you have to follow the right steps to prevent it from getting worse.

Use skin-healing ointment
You must apply this to your skin on a daily basis just to soothe the pain. There are types that you can buy over the counter. Usually, it contains petrolatum which helps in healing burns. You may ask your doctor for a strong prescription if it is still painful and nothing seems to change.

Keep the area moistened
Aloe Vera gel is the best way to keep the burnt area moist. Just put a generous amount on the area so that it heals quickly. The laser hair removal scars will also be less visible. It also has a cooling effect which prevents the pain from getting worse.

An ice pack helps
When you don't feel comfortable or the pain starts to strike back, use an ice pack on the area by wrapping it in a towel. This helps in numbing the affected part so it is not that painful. You can just leave the ice there for 10 minutes or more depending on how painful it is. You may also take a cool bath if the affected area is quite large just to minimise the pain and allow quick healing.

Take pain relievers
With the prescription from your doctor, take a pain reliever like ibuprofen. Take it every 4-6 hours depending on the need.

Avoid exposure to the sun
The affected area is still very sensitive. Try your best not to go out, especially with the burnt area exposed to the sun. You should also use sunscreen with at least SPF15 protection.

Get a lawyer
Obviously, you have to take care of yourself first. Get medical treatment so the problem does not get worse. However, after some time, you need to take this to court. You can file beauty injury claims. You went to the clinic in hope of just removing unwanted hair from your body. You did not go there so you would get major scars. When you go to the doctor, ask for a detailed medical certificate. You can use this later in court.

You must do all that is necessary so that you can get payment for the damage done. Recovering from this experience can be very expensive, especially if you don't have medical insurance to cover the cost. You better let the beauty clinic shoulder the cost. This also includes the amount that you have lost for not going to work because of how painful the burn was. With the right lawyers by your side, you will survive this ordeal.

Source - Agencies