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How to prepare for military school admission tests

by Staff Writer
16 Jul 2019 at 11:39hrs | Views
Applying to a military school or academy presupposes not only submitting your test results, but also passing a fitness exam. Take a look at the steps you need to take to get enrolled, as well as familiarize yourself with a few teacher tips that might come in handy.  Following these steps with help you become a student at college, academy or university you have chosen.

To begin with, check the website of a military school or academy you want to apply to. The majority of them offers online application, and it is advisable to make use of this option. You will need to qualify for an admission before you can proceed. What it means is that you should meet certain requirements. You cannot be pregnant or married. You need to be a citizen of the country you apply to military school in. You should be at least 17. You cannot be older than twenty-three. What is more, you cannot have any legal responsibility for child support.

Once you application gets reviewed, the next step for you to take is to contact your field force representative. Having done that, you will be required to complete a few tests which include a medical exam, ACT or SAT with writing portion and Candidate Fitness Assessment. What is vital to keep in mind is that the writing portion is of great importance which is why you should select the "Act plus Writing" exam in case you have chosen to pass an ACT test instead of a SAT test. However, you will not have to pass any additional algebra Exams or something like that.  In regards to the medical exam, a certain date will be scheduled for you. The most useful tip in this respect is to go to your medical exam as early as possible as the educational institution might need additional information regarding your health.

The most vital physical skills in regards to a Candidate Fitness Assessment are as follows:
  • 1-mile run
  • abdominal crunches
  • flexed-arm hang
  • basketball throw
  • push-ups
  • 40-yard shuttle run

Surely, you should train a lot in order to pass the Candidate Fitness Assessment. The earlier you start, the more impressive your results are going to be. If you have an opportunity to get a coach to improve your performance, do not hesitate to do so right away.

As you have already understood, being fit and healthy are not the only things that matter when you are applying to a military school. The results of your standardized tests and the ability to do well on writing tasks is of huge importance as well. The thing is that you may given the assignment of writing a criminal justice research paper and you need to do know how to complete it properly and within the specified deadline. In order to do that, you should be familiar with the criminal law essay structure, as well as be able to find credible sources to cite in your piece of writing. Thus, having profound knowledge in a variety of areas with be of great help during the learning process. Dealing with the task of writing criminal justice essay papers takes a lot of time which is why the best advice in this respect is to start early.
Taking everything into consideration, applying to a military educational institution seems more difficult than applying to a traditional college or university. The difference lies in the number of steps you need to take to get enrolled. If you want to become a student at a military school or academy, get ready to pass a medical exam and go through a candidate fitness assessment. If you are not fit or healthy enough, you will not be enrolled. The most useful tip in terms of the application process to a military educational institution is to start early. This way, you will be able to pass all tests, go through a medical exam, submit additional information (if necessary), as well as have enough to train properly so that to demonstrate great results during the candidate fitness assessment.

Preparing for exams at a military school should be taken very seriously. Familiarize yourself with all necessary information before you fill out your application form.

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