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Dabbing with a nectar collector: What You Should Know

by Staff writer
28 Jan 2021 at 15:45hrs | Views
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In recent years, nectar collectors have slowly gained a widespread reputation and are now a trendy and alluring choice for smoking waxes and oils. If you're passionate about dabbing, nectar collectors are widely considered as the best convenient tools to use. If you're new to all this, these tools offer a simple and efficient way to dab wax and other concentrates. Nectar collectors have also evolved to have multiple valuable features that people want in high-quality rigs and pipes. If you've come across one, you were likely taken back by how easy, innovative, and effortless the whole idea is. Since this is not a relatively straightforward concept for newbies, we'd like to enlighten you more. Please don't panic; we'll explain everything in detail.

1. Let's Start Here: What is a Nectar Collector?

Now imagine a bird hovering over a flower, dipping its needle-like beak into the middle point of the flower and drawing up all that sweet nectar. The water nectar collector works on the same concept, except that it doesn't fly. Ideally, that is the origin of its name. The nectar collector is a glass tube with a pointed end, the main body, and the mouthpiece. If viewed from a distance, it resembles a syringe though that's not far from what it is. However, in our context, it's a syringe for concentration. The significant advantage with nectar collectors is that they're one solution. They offer the capacity to take a hit similar to a dab rig along with simplicity and portability.

2. Why should you choose a Nectar Collector?

Nectar collectors have many unique advantages over their counterparts – regular dab rigs. They ease the dabbing etiquette of the user. Additionally, they offer a more distinct way to smoke oils and waxes. This is one of the reasons they're gaining widespread traction among dabbers. Ideally, it comes down to comfort, ease of use, portability, and less wastage. If you're a seasoned dabber, you know that conventional dab rigs can be a considerable burden, especially if you often move around. A nectar collector is light and offers single-hand handling. They can easily fit into your purse or backpack without taking too much space.

3. How Do I Use One?

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We should point out that a nectar collector comes with a plate or bowl, and you need to pay much attention to this area. This is where you place your concentrate or hash on. Instead of heating the nail, as you would with a dab rig, you heat the nectar collector's tip and then spot it into the hash. Ideally, this is dabbing in reverse. You shouldn't worry about the amount of marijuana you put in the dish. This is because the collector automatically vaporizes little amounts at a time. We recommend heating the tip of your nectar collector with a lighter or a blow torch. Remember, the longer you hold the tip against the concentrate, the bigger hit you will get. This is why you need to be careful and start small before you get used to the rhythm.

4. The Water Matters

Just like a dab rig, the nectar collector requires water for filtration and cooling down the vapor's temperature. We should point out that not all nectar collectors are designed to have the filtration feature. For instance, the 14mm nectar collector features a straw-like tube that doesn't provide any filtration. This one is only recommended when you're doing low-temperature dabs. If you're using the 10mm mini nectar collector package, it has a small recycle filtration system where you can add a moderate amount of water. If you are doing high-temperature dabs, ensure that you fill the tube up to a quarter of the body's total length.

5. Getting the Best Hit

If you want some excellent results, approach the edge of your concentrate carefully with the tip. Avoid going for the center of the pile, as this will cause it to puddle and melt. This results in you sucking some of your best product up into the nectar collector without vaporizing it. This will leave your remaining stash tasting less than it should.

6. How Do I Clean My Piece?

If you're cleaning your piece, eject the tip first and blow all the water down through the tip joint from the mouthpiece. After this, fill the piece with your preferred cleaner and soak the piece for about one hour. We also recommend using salt and alcohol as cleansers. If you are using Simple Green, be careful as it is known to take off decals.

Nectar collectors have come a long way, and we can expect their use to grow even more prominent in coming years. These are the next generation alternatives for dabbing. Additionally, you can also gift one to any seasoned dabber you know. When purchasing a nectar collector, be sure to pick the best quality. Here's to a new smoking experience!

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