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Traditional vs Direct Term Life Insurance

by Staff Writer
29 Mar 2022 at 14:46hrs | Views
Until recently, those seeking life insurance needed to speak with an agent or some other company in order to get coverage. Things change when you use direct term life insurance, and it opens some options you might consider. With it, you can apply for and buy life insurance straight from the insurance company without an agent.

Also known as "direct to consumer" insurance, the process usually takes place online, and the insurance coverage that's possible is very similar to other term insurance policies you might read about. All term life insurance promises a set death benefit amount that's valid over a certain number of years. For the most part, this brings lower premiums and intervals of five for 10, 15, 20, or 30 years.

Term insurance is an increasingly popular choice for Americans who value saving money on their insurance coverage and who avoid high premiums on permanent plans. You might already be able to see why - with ease and comfort - people might choose to shop and apply for term insurance directly. Let's dive in.

Time to Approval
You can get quotes and decide where to apply very quickly by answering a few questions online. Like insurers, many brokers also use these smart survey tools to generate the most accurate, current quotes on policies. Once you find a quote with a benefit amount that makes sense, you can apply for insurance with a fast turnaround.

Sometimes in the same day, companies and brokers can offer insurance after an applicant guides themselves through a smooth application process. You go at your own pace, discussing your plan with all parties involved, but it can be rather speedy if you value efficiency. There's also no pressure to sign. Take your time and value it.

Quote Accuracy
When you work with an expert, you can get insight into how your policy works and what you pay for immediately. Some worry that they don't understand what kind of policy they're being offered directly from an insurance company, but the insurer will often give optional guidance as well.

With both the traditional broker-based process and the direct-to-consumer option, your quote will be closely accurate, at least, when you work with a leading broker like Instead of a fuzzy idea of your premium, direct term and some brokers give a customized quote based on all the essential factors insurance companies use.

Premium Structure
Your premium with direct term insurance, just like with any other term policy, will be fixed and transparent. Just as the quote is customized to you, your actual premium is specific to you and guaranteed never to change. During the term interval and valid period for claiming benefits after the death of the insured, the premium stays.

Insurance Guidance
You may already have an idea of the benefits and terms you want from your policy. If that's true, then direct-to-consumer insurance might be a good fit when you won't need the advice or suggestions of a broker to help with the process. In that case, you can zoom through the insurance application process choosing your benefit amount and term length in minutes.

Still, you could have questions. With a broker, you have the advantage of their expertise that some direct term applications may lack, causing confusion and indecision. Although many applications help you along with definitions and discussion of terms, contracts are lengthy and terms may be unclear.

For the person who needs expertise and wants the full experience of gearing up for life insurance, a broker—even an online one—can be smart. On the other hand, someone who's versed in insurance terminology and practices can move forward to achieve their insurance goals quickly and precisely.

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Policy Obligations
When it comes to direct term life insurance, it functions just as regular term insurance does compared to universal and permanent policies. With permanent coverage, the guarantee of death benefits never expires. They also come with features that term policies won't include like cash value and savings vehicles that can gain interest and dividends.

Term policies (and direct term included) only last a set number of years before they need to be continued at a new rate, converted to permanent coverage, or left to expire. In that sense, they have a smaller contractual commitment, making them a good choice for those who are still in the planning and development stage of their lifetime financial journey.

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