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The impact of COVID-19 on romantic relationships

by Staff Writer
15 Oct 2020 at 07:40hrs | Views
Annie Spratt @anniespratt
It seems incredible that a matter of months ago nobody had even heard of COVID-19. Everything changed on 11 March 2020, when the World Health Organization declared a worldwide pandemic. Now the highly infectious disease is never far from the headlines, affecting our work practices, and the way we conduct our social lives. The situation has had a particularly profound impact on relationships, with more and more singles turning their attention to review services like beyondthecharter in order to find the right dating platform to search for partners. No wonder. So many traditional outlets, such as social clubs and bars, have had their opening hours severely restricted. Here are some of the main ways the virus has transformed relationships.

Singles can take advantage of the online environment in many ways

With so many individuals becoming distrustful of normal social encounters, relationships fostered via the Internet are on the increase. Singles have long appreciated that connecting via dating sites is such a convenient way of developing a rapport. This is increasingly the case when it comes to seeking out prospective partners in 2020. You have so much choice at your disposal when considering which of the many websites to engage with. Whether you are seeking a relationship with someone in your neighborhood or are prepared to spread your wings, going online is easily the most convenient – and safest – way to prepare a shortlist of possible candidates for romance.

Daters can pick and choose their targets

The pandemic has meant singles looking for dates amongst a list of strangers are more likely to be fussy. Previously, seeking matches was simply a case of sifting through seemingly endless lists of profiles, homing in on whoever happened to catch your eye first. Many sites developed a shorthand surrounding this aspect of connectivity, providing members with the solution of swiping right or left to indicate their preferences. This has created a convenient environment where people can take a relaxed approach when selecting partners.

Casual dating carries even more risks

Going back to the days of traditional offline dating, and right through the advent of dating websites, the greatest risk of forming a relationship with strangers was not knowing anything about their history. Bumping into people in offline situations or via dating sites now carries the added uncertainty of wondering if your new contact is living in a hotspot area, or has been exposed or even infected at any point.

Courtship can be a drawn-out process

The nature of developing a rapport is that this can be so exciting. There can be an overwhelming temptation to get together as soon as possible. Although Internet dating offers the possibility of spending as long as you wish stoking a sense of chemistry in a secure communication environment, there will always be an urge to rendezvous sooner rather than later. In the current climate this is no longer the case. People are naturally more cagey about admitting newcomers into their social circle, whether as new friends or a romantic interest. In the modern era, meaningful relationships are taking longer to evolve.

Singles in 'risk' categories face more uncertainty

There are all sorts of reasons why individuals fall into a greater category of risk where Coronavirus is concerned. Older individuals, those with underlying health issues, and people living in certain socio-economic circumstances, are all burdened by having a greater potential of succumbing to the disease. Against the overall mood of mistrust and apprehension, this will naturally impinge on their ability to form romantic relationships.

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