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Top 10 sex tips for Valentine's Day

13 Feb 2013 at 07:37hrs | Views

Treat your Valentine with these top tips

Spice up your Valentine's Day and drive the love of your life wild with these hot, sumptuous tips – you'll never be alone on the 14th of February again:

Start your day with a message
Although cute, the Valentine card is somewhat old fashioned these days. A raunchy text, however, is not. Send your crush a kinky message in the morning. It can be something like 'I really want you tonight.', or something more risqué and detailed; do what you feel comfortable with. Letting them know you're thinking about them in a sexual way is a big turn on, and they won't be able to stop thinking about you all day.

Touch them somewhere new
If you want great sex the best way to impress your partner is to do things that no-one else has done for them. For the girls, run your fingers down the side of your man's torso or down the joint between your man's legs and his groin. Grab his hair when kissing him and use your nails. For the guys, rub your girl's stomach, just above the pubic bone. The base of her spine and her feet are also highly sensitive areas that don't often get much attention.

Dress up
Bondage, latex, frills and panties; there's a lot of kinky kit on offer. Lingerie can be expensive though so keep it simple with some stilettos. If you can't walk very well in heels, don't worry. Just wearing them in bed is enough. You can turn up the heat by adding some sexy stockings or socks. Other simple yet effective props include wearing nothing but a simple leather belt, a necklace or a soaking wet t-shirt.

Clean up your act
Sadly, much to our disappointment, Valentine's Day is not a public holiday. So, when you get home from work there's a chance that you both will be stressed and tired. To make sure your late-night bed fun does not get sidelined, take a steamy hot shower together. The heat will relax you both, plus it's hard not to get intimate when you're standing so close together. You can also light a scented candle, use an invigorating shower gel or bring out the massage oil.

Kiss their neck
The neck is very sensitive, but it is often overlooked during foreplay. If you want to get your Valentine in the mood ask them to lie on their front. Start by kissing their neck with gentle pecks. If you hear their breathing quicken then you can kiss more intensely, mixing up the speed and pressure. If they seem to be enjoying this attention, then you can take this a step further by whispering something naughty in their ear or kissing their earlobe.

Get a wig
If you've been with your man for a while, or if you lack confidence in bed, then a wig may be the perfect Valentine's gift for you. Try on different styles and see which one you like. Try to choose something that is different to your natural hair. So if you have long blonde hair, pick a wig that is short and dark.  Taking on a new identity can make sex more exciting for both of you √¢‚Ǩ‚Äú especially if you keep it a secret and surprise your man with it.

Get out the apron

The promise of good food has always been an easy way into another's heart; and an easy way into their bed. Some foods that will get them in the mood include: peaches, bananas, pine nuts, mussels, eels, horseradish, asparagus, cucumbers, and onions. For dessert choose truffles, strawberries or chocolate. Don't fancy cooking? Take your date for a curry. The heat will increase their heart rate to a level similar to one reached during sexual arousal.

Ride him

Often the guys go on top, so make your sex hotter than ever this Valentine's Day by riding him instead. To make things even kinkier wear a skirt or dress during sex. Then, when you're on top you can flash him. He'll love not being able to have you completely and you'll love seeing him getting turned on. When your girl is on top, make sure you try to hold eye contact with her for long periods of time. This prolonged eye contact will give you both intense orgasms.

Photo shoot
We all know that guys love to look at naked girls, but it turns out women like a cheeky photo too. To make this Valentine's memorable, visit a professional photographer and get them to take some seductive snap shots of you. Make sure they are credible first. If you'd prefer you can go with your partner and have pictures taken of you both. If you choose to go alone, once the photos have been developed you can hide the pictures in places that only your crush will find.

Go shopping
Shopping may not sound like the best way to turn each other on, but lingerie shopping will get you both off. Choose shops you are comfortable going into and don't take it too seriously. If you're feeling nervous just imagine what the items will look like on. To make this shopping trip a little raunchier take your guy into the changing room with you. Obviously check with the shop assistants first.  He'll love seeing you dress up somewhere new.

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