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Wednesday chat with Auntie Noe - How do you expect her to be still beautiful?

by Nobuhle Virgie
06 Aug 2014 at 12:36hrs | Views

How do you expect your wife's boobs to be as firm as they were when you first met her.

If your wife has grown weight and does not have that beautiful shape she had, its probably because of you. When last did you compliment her, when last did you tell her she's beautiful!

How do you expect her to keep up to standard when you don't even notice her even if she's looking good?

You come home from work and get back at almost the same time with your wife. She dashes to the kitchen to prepare food, helps the children with their homework, irons your clothes for the next day, serves you supper while you are watching Arsenal and Man United play.

You eat and leave your dishes there, she clears up the table and runs water for you to bath and then puts the children to sleep. She crawls to bed all tired and sleepy & then you demand "great sex" And when she pleads with you that she is tired you flare up in anger and threaten to find a mistress because she's "starving you" hmmm bro.... seriously??

If you truly want great sex, at least help a little with the chores or get her a hand to assist her. If she is pathetic in bed, how do you expect her to be a pro if you don't teach her?

You say she looks dirty and unkept.... that is no excuse!

If you truly love her you will make her look exactly how you want her to be, I'm telling you, you will be surprised to know your wife is such an amazing beauty.

You complain that it is her nagging that puts you off and drives you to cheat....bro, thats no excuse. Have you taken time to find the reason behind her nagging?

A lot of women nag because they are frustrated and don't have a listening man. You spend your weekends in pubs or nightclubs away from home deserting your wife and children cause you claim your wife is "boring" Yes she's boring because you treat her as such. Please find out what truly excites that woman and you will see she's not that bad after all Friends the list is endless. There's no reason enough in the world to abuse or cheat on your wife.

Nomatter how bad she is, she really must have a good side. Surely there is a reason why you chose to marry her out of all the women you dated Live and encourage her, spend as much time as possible with your family. The women you are chasing all over town will only stay because of what you have to offer.They will run with three legs when you have a little challenge. No woman in this world will love you better than your wife so stick to her & remember that love brought you together

Source - Nobuhle Virgie